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4 Misunderstanding About Diesel Engine Generator: Pollute The Environment?

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4 Misunderstanding About Diesel Engine Generator: Pollute The Environment?

4 Misunderstanding About Diesel Engine Generator: Pollute The Environment?

If you have never owned a 4 stroke diesel engine generator set, then you may have many common misunderstandings about diesel generators. The structure of diesel generators is relatively complex, and technological advances indicate that they are no longer operating as they used to. This article mainly introduces four common misunderstandings about diesel generators.


Diesel generator set is a small-scale power generation equipment, which refers to the power machinery that uses diesel as the fuel and uses the diesel engine as the prime mover to drive the generator to generate electricity. The number of diesel cylinders is different, and then the cylinder bore and stroke are different. The appearance of some machines is completely inconsistent. The 12-cylinder generally has a V-shaped arrangement, and the 6-cylinder has a large L-shape. In fact, the fuel consumption is not much different. The 12-cylinder is more common, but it depends on the load. For example, the specifications of diesel units used in different fields are different, such as 4 stroke 6 cylinder diesel engine, water cooled generator set use 6 cylinder diesel engine, high speed 6 cylinder good condition diesel engine generator set, 12 cylinder high speed 4 stroke diesel engine generator set.

1. The diesel generator is too noisy

Many people tell us that they worry that their diesel generators are too noisy. Diesel fuel must be burned at high temperature and pressure to maintain power. This means that the machinery inside the diesel generator must run at a very high speed, which naturally generates a lot of noise.


However, over the years, generator manufacturers have put a lot of effort into design and innovation to reduce noise, and low-noise diesel generators have performed well. Now, diesel generators produce more energy and produce less noise. This means that the diesel generator set is quieter than ten years ago. This also means that when using diesel generators to generate electricity, noise is no longer a major issue.


2. Diesel generator is unreliable

Another misconception is that 12 cylinder electric start 4 stroke diesel engine generator set are unreliable as a source of power. We don't understand why this is the case. Many studies have found that compared with several different energy sources, diesel generators are still one of the most reliable energy sources. This is why diesel generators are used as backup resources for renewable energy. For the development of most renewable energy projects, the use of diesel generators is because other alternative systems exist that cannot achieve the efficiency and reliability of diesel generators.


The problem only occurs when the owner does not regularly maintain the diesel generator correctly. Similar to automobiles, diesel generators need to be maintained according to their usage time to maximize their service life. Therefore, it is necessary to replace appropriate spare parts in time, because these spare parts will wear out with the passage of time. Another reason why diesel generators become unreliable is when cheaper non-genuine parts are used in diesel generators. Because these cheap parts are not prepared for the machine, this creates several problems. They may not be completely dust-proof and will eventually contaminate different engine components and damage the diesel generator in the long run.  If you need, you can buy a new and powerful diesel engine generator. If you find a problem during use, please contact the manufacturer immediately, they can diagnose the potential failure of the diesel generator for you.


3. Diesel generators produce a lot of pollution

Diesel generators used to be very environmentally friendly and inefficient. With the continuous development of the diesel fuel field and the new diesel engines with more fuel-efficient technology updates, the emissions of diesel fuel have been greatly reduced.


In addition, diesel is not volatile, so it is safer than other fuels because it is not easy to evaporate in the air. Diesel fuel only burns at extremely high temperatures, while other fuels can burn or catch fire immediately at temperatures much lower than the combustion level of diesel. Compared with other fuels, diesel also emits less carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and greenhouse gases. If you are still worried about pollution, you can contact the generator manufacturer to provide generator exhaust gas purifier treatment.


4. Diesel generator is expensive

Many users misunderstand the price of diesel generators, believing that generators are very expensive and cannot afford the cost. Indeed, some diesel generators cost more than RMB 300,000. There are also many diesel generators with prices below RMB 100,000. We cannot say the price in general. We all know that the price of diesel generators is mainly related to the power brand. The higher the power is, the more expensive the price is. Therefore, users need to determine which size diesel generator is suitable for you when purchasing, and also need to consider a variety of factors. If you do not know how to choose to contact us, we will recommend the diesel generator suitable for you. For example, for these two diesel engine sets, the high speed 6 cylinder good condition diesel engine generator set is obviously more cheaper than the 12 cylinder high speed 4 stroke diesel engine generator set.


The above are 4 common misunderstandings about KAI-PU water-cooled diesel engines, and I hope they can help everyone through our sharing.

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