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Can Powerful 6 Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Work in the High Elevation?

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Can Powerful 6 Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Work in the High Elevation?

Can Powerful 6 Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Work in the High Elevation? 

The working state of 1800rpm powerful diesel engines generator set means that the rated power can be output under the specified operating environment conditions, and the operation can be carried out reliably and continuously. The working conditions of power station (unit) stipulated by national standards are mainly determined according to altitude, ambient temperature, relative humidity, with or without any mould, salt spray and placing inclination.



1. Standard Working Conditions

The rated power of the unit shall be determined by standard working environment conditions. When selecting and determining the working environment conditions of the generator set, the key point should be based on the standard environmental conditions of the engine. According to GB/T2819-1995General Technical Conditions for Mobile Power Station, the environmental conditions of rated output power of power station shall be one of the following two provisions, and shall be clarified in the technical conditions of products.


(1) Altitude 0 m, ambient temperature 20 ° C, relative humidity 60%


(2) The altitude is 1000 meters. The ambient temperature is 40 ° C, and the relative humidity of the air is 60%.



2. Modifiable Working Environmental Conditions

The machine set can output the specified power (correction allowable) and work reliably under the following conditions. The site conditions for unit operation shall be clearly determined by the user, and any special hazardous conditions, such as explosion atmosphere and flammable gas, shall be explained.


(1) Altitude

It is no more than 4000 meters.


(2) Ambient Temperature

The upper limit is 40°C, 45°C, 50°C, and the lower limit is -40°C,

-25°C, 5°C.


(3) Relative humidity

After the mould growth test on the electrical parts of the machine set, the mould growth level on the surface shall not exceed level 2 specified in GB / T2423.16-2008Environmental Test for Electrical and Electronic Products.


(3) Inclination

For diesel engine, the longitudinal front and rear horizontal inclination of power station is no more than 10° or 15° respectively.



3. Precautions

The influence of high altitude on high speed diesel engines generator set includes the decrease of prime mover power, the increase of oil and diesel oil consumption, and the rise of heat load, which has a great impact on the power and main electrical parameters of the generator set. Therefore, when using diesel engine in high altitude area, the following points should be paid more attention to.


(1) As the altitude increases, the power performance decreases and the exhaust temperature rises. Therefore, users should also consider the plateau working ability of the diesel engine when selecting the diesel engine, so as to strictly avoid overload operation. The method of exhaust gas turbocharging can be adopted as the power compensation of plateau.


(2) In high altitude area, the starting performance of high quality diesel engines generator set is worse than that in plain area. Users should take corresponding auxiliary starting measures for low temperature starting.


(3) In high altitude area, the cooling condition of diesel engine cooling system is worse than that in plain area. In general, the pressurized closed cooling system should be adopted to improve the boiling point of the coolant in plateau areas.


Environmental factors, such as altitude, may seriously degrade the performance and reliability of diesel generators. Generally, 1800rpm powerful diesel engines generator set is only suitable for utilization below 1000 meters above sea level. In the unavoidable high altitude environment, more attention should be paid to the rational utilization and maintenance of diesel engine.



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