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Cause Analysis on Valve Damage of High Speed Diesel Engine Generator Set

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Cause Analysis on Valve Damage of High Speed Diesel Engine Generator Set

Cause Analysis on Valve Damage of High Speed Diesel Engine Generator Set

Before the valve of the silent generator set is damaged, the user will take a series of measures to prevent the damage of the valve of the high speed diesel engine generator set. But even so, the damage of the valve of the generator set accessories cannot be completely avoided, so when the valve of the generator set accessories is damaged, we must know how to inspect and repair the generator set accessories.



1. Instrument measurement method

Silent generator sets generally use a screw interface type cylinder pressure gauge. When using, first screw the cylinder pressure gauge thread interface into the injector seat hole, and then use the starter to drive the crankshaft to rotate for 4-6s to keep the diesel engine speed at about 300r/min.


At this time, the pressure value indicated by the cylinder pressure gauge is the compression force of the tested cylinder. Write down the measured value, then add a small amount of engine oil to the cylinder, and turn the 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Generator Set. If the measured pressure is significantly different from the normal, it means that the valve of the tested cylinder is faulty.



2. Observation method and experience method

Observation method and empirical method can be used to judge whether the valve is broken or not. Check the valve cover after removing the 420KW Power Generator Diesel Engine set accessories or use a flat-blade screwdriver to pull the diesel flywheel. If it is stuck or unable to pull the flywheel, it generally means that the valve fell into the cylinder and the fuel injection pump and the positioning key between the speed control gear is damaged or the internal gear of the front gear box is engaged.


3. Repair method

The valve of the 4 Stroke Turbocharger Diesel Engine set is a wearing part. When severe burning or breakage occurs, the new product of the same model should generally be replaced. If there is too much carbon deposit on the cone surface, pitting or small corrosion area, you can use the valve grinder or manual grinding to achieve the effect of the valve sealing the combustion chamber.


During manual grinding, the valve of the 4 Stroke Electric Starting Diesel Engine set should rotate back and forth on the valve seat and change the position frequently. Each time the position is changed, it should be no more than 15°, so as not to wear out the ring marks. In the first pass, apply a thicker abrasive paste to the valve cone.


When there is a non-marking contact belt between the valve cone surface and the valve seat of the diesel generator set, remove the coarse sand paste and replace it with a fine grinding noisy paste to continue grinding until there is no gray between the valve cone surface and the valve seat ring. Then check the tightness until it meets the requirements.



4. Experience exclusion method

There are three conditions to judge whether the valve is faulty: the speed of the diesel engine is unstable during operation, the exhaust pipe has a "tutu" sound, and the smoke exhaust is abnormal (black smoke or blue smoke). When the 4 Stroke Turbocharger Diesel Engine 

has these three conditions, the single-cylinder fuel cut method can be used to determine the failed cylinder.

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