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Common Trouble Clearing of Difficult Start of Diesel Engine

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Common Trouble Clearing of Difficult Start of Diesel Engine

Common Trouble Clearing of Difficult Start of Diesel Engine

It is a common failure of tractors to start or fail to start diesel engines. According to the requirements of the diesel engine, such as 4 stroke electric starting diesel engine, it should start normally within 5s. If you press the start button multiple times, the engine still can not catch fire, it means that the engine has failed.


In general, three basic conditions must be met to ensure that the diesel engine starts normally. 1. It is necessary to have diesel with good atomization to enter the combustion chamber in time. 2. The air in the combustion chamber must have sufficient temperature so that the diesel can burn on its own. 3. The lubrication system is working properly. When these three conditions are met at the same time, the powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine will start smoothly.


Failure of the fuel supply system


When the new stationary 6 cylinder diesel engine is in operation, it is required to have diesel with good atomization delivered to the combustion chamber of the diesel engine for a certain amount of time and a certain amount. We know that the fuel supply system consists of diesel tanks, fuel injection pumps, fuel delivery pumps and fuel pipes, fuel injectors, fine filters, coarse filters and other components. If a certain part fails, it will cause difficulties in starting the diesel engine.


Failure analysis of fuel supply system


1. Take 6 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine as an example. There is air or moisture in the fuel system. If there is looseness at the fuel pipe interface or the friction of the oil inlet pipe is damaged, air will enter the fuel system. At the same time, the diesel contains a certain amount of water. When the air and water are more, it will affect the normal start of the diesel engine.


2. There is no oil in the fuel tank or the oil inlet switch is not turned on or the air vent of the fuel tank cap is blocked. Some drivers do not pay attention to observe the content of diesel in the fuel tank. After the diesel is exhausted, it cannot be added in time, or the fuel inlet switch of the fuel tank is artificially closed. It is also possible that the diesel engine is used for a long time, and the vent of the fuel tank cap is blocked by dust and other dirt. After being blocked, it is difficult for the fuel tank to communicate with the atmosphere. As the oil level drops, a negative pressure will be generated in the upper part of the fuel tank, which affects the supply of diesel oil and even interrupts the fuel supply.


3. The fuel pipe or diesel filter is clogged. Long-term use of the tubing or the filter of the pipe joint without cleaning will also cause blockage of the oil circuit. Once it is found that the fuel pipe is deformed or the filter element of the diesel filter is clogged with impurities, it is necessary to replace the fuel pipe or clean the filter element in time. Otherwise, the clogged oil pipe and filter element will cause difficulty in starting the diesel engine.


4. The plunger pair of the fuel injection pump or the pair of fuel outlet valves are severely worn and the sealing performance is deteriorated. This will cause the fuel pressure of the fuel injection pump to decrease, make the fuel injection untimely, cause insufficient fuel combustion, and eventually cause difficulty in starting the diesel engine.


5. The fuel injection time is too early or too late. The fuel injector's fuel injection timing is mainly determined by the fuel supply advance angle of the diesel engine. The 227KW 4 stroke diesel engine is no exception.


If the fuel supply advance angle is too large and the injection time is too early, the compression pressure in the cylinder has not reached the required value, and the temperature in the cylinder is relatively low, which will directly affect the combustion performance of the fuel and cause premature combustion of the diesel engine. Incomplete combustion of fuel.


If the fuel supply advance angle of the diesel engine is too small, and the injection time is too late, the best time for fuel injection into the cylinder has passed, which will increase the post-combustion of the diesel engine, causing a large amount of fuel to be discharged from the cylinder before it is fully burned. Too early or too late will make the diesel engine power insufficient, affecting the normal start of the diesel engine.


Poor fuel atomization or no fuel spray. Carbon deposits in the fuel injection nozzle will make the fuel injection unsmooth and the quality of fuel atomization will decrease. After the fuel enters the combustion chamber, it will be difficult to burn completely, causing difficulty in starting the engine, unstable idle speed, increased fuel consumption, and worsened exhaust emissions. It is recommended to purchase an electric starting diesel engine at this time, such as 4 stroke electric starting diesel engine.

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