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How To Assemeble The Diesel Engine Generator?

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How To Assemeble The Diesel Engine Generator?

How To Assemeble The Generator?

The assembly of the generator is very precise, complex and very important. The quality of the components directly affects the normal and reliable operation of the 6 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine set. For this purpose, the assembly must be carried out according to the technical requirements of the assembly process.


The main technical requirements for assembling 6 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine sets are: maintaining the correct fit and proper clearance between the parts in relative motion, ensuring the reliability of the connection of fixed components, ensuring the accurate timing and accurate quantization mechanism, ensuring the dynamics balance of moving components, ensuring adequate cleaning during assembly.



1. Assembly Process

1) Preparation for Assembly

Before assembling the new motor 4 stroke diesel engine set, please install the inlet pipe gasket, exhaust pipe gasket, cylinder head outlet pipe gasket, water pump and interface gasket of the cylinder head outlet pipe, asbestos paper, electric knife, small wooden hammer, kilogram force wrench, sleeve tube, open-end wrenches, plum wrenches and other parts, that is, all parts related to assembly should fully prepared. 


2) Components Assembly

Components assembly is the assembly of components into assembled components according to certain assembly requirements.


3) Final Assembly

Final assembly is the assembly of subassemblies or parts from inside to outside according to certain requirements and sequence. During the assembly process, attention should be paid to the relative position and fit clearance of each machine as well as the oil and water seal test, such as the water and oil seal test related to the cylinder liner and water pump.


4) Inspection and Adjustment after Final Assembly

After completing the final assembly, check and adjust the valve clearance, valve timing and fuel supply timing. After the above work is completed, the 12 cylinder electric start diesel engine set will be tested.



2. Components Assembly and Requirements

Components assembly is a complex and delicate work. The torque used in each component should be appropriate. Take the diesel generator set as an example.


1) Assemble the Cylinder Cover

A. First clean the parts to be assembled with diesel and dry them.


B. When placing the cylinder cover sideways, apply a small amount of engine oil to the valve stem, and then put it into the corresponding valve guide pipe. Do not reverse the cylinder order. When disassembling, it should be marked as the first few cylinders.


C. Put the cylinder cover on a wooden board or a special working platform, install the valve lock spring, then place the valve spring in order, then place the spring seat in order, press down the spring seat with a special tool, and then install the valve lock. After fixing the clip, remove the special tool.


D. After installing the valve, carefully check whether the fixing clip is installed.


E. After installing the valve, assemble the injector. First apply a small amount of oil or butter to the injector gasket, then place the gasket on the coupling, and then slowly place it into the injector hole. Please note that the tightening should be staggered and balanced to ensure even torque. The assembly nut should not be too tight. Generally, the torque used is about 1.5 kgf·m.


F. After installing the injector, measure the distance from the center of the nozzle hole to the bottom surface of the cylinder cover with a plug. The common 1800rpm 660kw high speed diesel engine set is 1.5 to, and the supercharger is 2.5 to 3mm.


2) Assemble the Piston Rod

A. Clean and dry the piston rod assembly.


B. After heating the cleaned piston to about 100°C in oil, take out the piston, and then insert the piston pin into the hole of the piston pin and the connecting rod in time. During the installation process, please pay attention to the relative position of the valve dent on the top of the piston and the large cut of the connecting rod. If you forget the relative position of the big head and dimple, you can check other diesel generator sets to find related information. The assembly direction of the piston connecting rod of the 12-cylinder V-type diesel generator set is opposite to that of the in-line diesel generator set.


C. After assembling the piston connecting rod, don't forget to assemble the locking spring.


D. After the piston cools, use special tools to install the piston rings in order. In the actual operation process, the position of each ring can also be recorded when the piston assembly is disassembled, and the new ring is assembled according to the assembly order of the old ring.


E. Insert the connecting rod bearing into the large hole of the connecting rod. Please note that new bearing bushes can be replaced.

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