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How To Better Know The Performance Of Diesel Generator Sets From 4 Indicators?

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How To Better Know The Performance Of Diesel Generator Sets From 4 Indicators?

How To Better Know The Performance Of Diesel Generator Sets From 4 Indicators?

 As a source of electric energy and an emergency power reserve in the field, 6 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine generators are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, science and technology, and daily life. So as a purchaser, how to buy a satisfactory diesel generator set? Next we will teach you to judge and measure the performance of diesel generators from a professional perspective.


Generally speaking, the performance of 12 cylinder 420kw diesel engine generators can be measured from the following four technical indicators: power index, exhaust pollution index, economic index, weight and dimensions index.



1. Economic Indicators

Economic indicators generally refer to the fuel consumption rate and lubricant consumption rate of diesel engines.


1) Fuel Consumption Rate

It is the gram of fuel A consumed per kilowatt-hour of 12 cylinder electric start diesel engine generators, the unit is g/(kWh). The fuel consumption rate per kilowatt-hour in terms of indicated power is called the indicated fuel consumption rate, and the fuel consumption rate per kilowatt-hour in terms of effective power is called the effective fuel consumption rate. The former represents an indicator of the economics of a diesel engine. The latter represents an effective indicator of the economics of an oil engine. The fuel consumption rate in the diesel engine description refers to the effective fuel consumption rate.


2) Lubricant Consumption Rate

When the diesel engine is calibrated, the grams of oil consumed per kilowatt hour is called the lubricant consumption rate, and the unit is g/(kW·h). The lubricating oil of the diesel engine is continuously recycled in the engine. The main reason for its consumption is: when the diesel engine is running, the lubricating oil passes through the piston into the combustion chamber or flows into the cylinder through the valve and burns out, unburnt oil is discharged with the exhaust gas. In addition, part of the oil is discharged from the crankcase vent due to atomization or evaporation in the crankcase. The lubricant consumption rate of diesel engines is generally around 0.5-4g/(kW.h).



2. Power Indicators

The power indicators refer to the external function of the diesel engine, generally refer to power, average effective power, average effective pressure, rotation speed and average speed of the piston.


1) Effective Power

The work done by the diesel engine in a unit time is called power. The unit of power is kW, 1kW=1000N. m/s. The work done by a diesel engine in a cylinder per unit time is called the indicated power. After the indicated power minus the mechanical loss power such as the friction loss consumed by the internal parts, the pumping torque loss and the driving accessory trigger loss, the power extracted from the engine crankshaft is called the effective power Pe. If the speed of the crankshaft of the diesel engine is n per minute, the effective power output of the crankshaft per second is We. Since We=2*PI*n/60*Me(Nm), the effective power of the new motor 4 stroke diesel engine generator is Pe=PI*nMe/30000 (kW).


2) Rotation Speed And Average Speed Of The Piston

① The rotation speed of the diesel engine crankshaft per minute is expressed in r/min. The speed has a great influence on the performance and structure of the diesel engine, and its range is very wide. Various types of diesel engines use different speed ranges.

②The average speed of the piston Cm. The speed of the movement of the piston in the cylinder is constantly changing. It is larger in the middle of the stroke, smaller near the dead point, and zero at the dead point.


3) Average Effective Pressure

The average effective pressure is usually used to compare and evaluate the dynamic performance of various engines. It is an imaginary constant pressure acting on the top of the piston. It is the work done by the piston moving one stroke, which is equal to the effective work done per cycle.



3. Exhaust Pollution Indicators

The exhaust of 1800rpm 660kw high speed diesel engine generators contains small but very harmful emissions. They are carbon monoxide CO, hydrocarbon HC, nitrogen oxide NO and sulfur dioxide SO2. These combustion products are exhausted into the atmosphere, polluting the environment and being harmful to human health, thereby causing social pollution. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, restrictions on diesel engine exhaust pollution are becoming increasingly strict.



4. Weight And Dimensions Indicators

The weight and dimensions of the diesel engine are an indicator for evaluating the compactness of the diesel engine and the utilization rate of metal materials. Each type of diesel engine has different requirements on weight and overall dimensions.


1) Weight Indicator

The weight indicator of diesel engines is usually measured by specific mass. The so-called net weight refers to the mass of fuel oil, lubricating oil, cooling water and other auxiliary equipment and auxiliary systems that are not directly installed on the body of the internal combustion engine. The specific mass is related not only to the type, structure and accessories of the diesel engine, but also to the materials and manufacturing technology used.


2) Overall Dimensions Indicator

The overall dimensions indicator, also known as the compactness indicator, refers to the compactness indicator of the overall layout of the diesel engine. It is usually measured by the power per unit volume of the diesel engine.

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