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How To Better Use Diesel Generators In Summer?

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How To Better Use Diesel Generators In Summer?

How To Better Use Diesel Generators In Summer?

The hot summer season has arrived. The weather is hot and the temperature is high. It is the peak period of electricity consumption. The frequent thunder and lightning weather makes the circuit malfunction increase. At this time, the frequency of using diesel generators to generate electricity will also increase. If the 660kw high speed diesel engine generator is used for a long time in this environment, the generator will be very hot, the economy and reliability of the work will be reduced, and various failures will occur, which will affect the work process. The following will explain the maintenance tips and precautions and a few "don't" of using diesel generators in summer.



1. Maintenance Tips Of Using Diesel Generators In Summer

1) Summer is relatively hot and humid, so please pay attention to ensure the normal ventilation and cooling of the 1800rpm 4 stroke diesel engine generator. Always clean the dust and dirt in the ventilation holes to keep them unobstructed.


2) Summer is a season with frequent thunderstorms, and lightning protection work should be done at the generator location. All kinds of mechanical equipment and projects under construction must be properly grounded for lightning protection and the generator device should be connected to zero protection.


3) When installing the generator, it should be interlocked with the external electric line power supply. A switching device or a dual power supply main distribution box can be set, and parallel operation is strictly prohibited. After getting off work, all kinds of mechanical equipment should be cut off to prevent all kinds of electric shock accidents.


4) According to the use situation, if the environment is bad, the air quality is poor, and the dust entering the generator is too much, the unit should be cleaned regularly.



2. Precautions For Using Diesel Generators In Summer

1) Pay attention to ventilation. The hot and humid environment will make the diesel generator overheat, the service life of the parts will be shortened, and various failures will be caused. Therefore, the ventilation and cooling of the diesel generator must be ensured, and the dust in the ventilation pipes must be cleaned. Ensure that the ventilation ducts are unobstructed and clean.


2) The diesel generator should be placed in a cool and dry place. If it is not indoors, you can use a sunshade net or asbestos tile to build a simple shade shelter to avoid being exposed to the sun. High temperatures will reduce the efficiency and reliability of the diesel generator, which will lead to failures.


3) Summer is a season with frequent thunderstorms, so you must do a good job of lightning protection for diesel generators according to industry standards, preventing from casualties and machine damage caused by lightning strikes, ensuring a safe working environment .


4) The high speed 6 cylinder diesel engine should be avoided long-term and heavy-load operation under high-temperature environment, which causes the coolant temperature to be too high. The engine should be shut down to rest after five hours operation, because the engine's long-term high-load operation will damage the cylinder block and cause losses.

5) Before starting the 12 cylinder electric start 4 stroke diesel engine, carefully check whether the various parts and circuits of the diesel generator are normal, check whether the coolant is 6 mm below the water tank cover, check whether the cooling water in the water tank is sufficient, and the cooling water should be soft water. When the water is insufficient, it should be filled up in time. The scale in the water tank of the diesel generator will affect the heat dissipation effect of the generator, causing the temperature of the diesel generator to be too high, thereby increasing the failure rate of the diesel generator. So it should be checked normally.



3. Pay Attention To A Few "don't" When Using Diesel Generators In Summer

1) When using diesel generators in summer, be careful not to expose the generator to the sun, so as not to increase the temperature of the diesel generators and reduce the generator power.


2) When the diesel generator encounters thunderstorm weather in summer, make sure not to get it wet by rain to avoid short circuit or other accidents.


3) Do not make it under full load when the diesel generator is used in summer to avoid a series of generator failures caused by excessive temperature.


4) When the diesel generator is used in summer, it should be avoided working all the time when it is turned on.


5) The engine oil used in diesel generators in summer should not be too thin, so as to avoid the failure of the KPV840 4 stroke turbocharger diesel engine due to insufficient viscosity of the engine oil.

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