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How To Find Best Fuel For Diesel Engine?

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How To Find Best Fuel For Diesel Engine?

How To Find Best Fuel For Diesel Engine?

Relatively moving parts are covered with a thin layer of lubricating oil film on the friction surface, which can set a layer of oil film on the surface of the parts, turning mechanical dry friction into liquid friction. This can reduce frictional resistance, reduce wear on parts, increase efficiency, and extend the service life of the 4 stroke 6 cylinder diesel engine. Therefore, engine oil has a greater impact on the reliability, durability and economy of the powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine.



1. The Role Of Engine Oil

1) Lubrication

When the 1800rpm 4 stroke diesel engine is working, the parts move relative to each other, and through the lubrication of the engine oil, a layer of adsorbed oil film is formed between the moving parts, which can reduce the wear between the parts inside the engine, it not only improves the mechanical efficiency, but also can extend the service life of the engine.


2) Cooling and heat dissipation

The engine oil can take away the excess heat generated by the friction between the engine components during the lubrication process, and plays an indirect heat dissipation role to prevent the engine parts from being burned due to the high temperature.


3) Cleaning

During the repeated relative movements of the engine parts, some metal debris and carbon particles will be generated due to friction. The oil can take away these impurities, prevent particle wear, and aggravate the aging and deformation of the machine parts.


4) Anti-corrosion and anti-rust

The engine oil is evenly distributed on the surface of the machine parts during operation. The oil contains additives with anti-rust effect to form an adsorption layer on the metal surface, which makes it directly isolate from the outside air, moisture and gas, avoiding oxidation and corrosion, reducing corrosive wear.


5) Sealing

All engine oils have a certain physical viscosity, and when adhered to the surface of the parts, they can isolate the different working environments in the combustion chamber and have a good sealing effect. In addition, diesel oil generates high-pressure gas when the engine combustion chamber is compression-ignited, and then pushes the piston to do work. The engine oil can seal the gap between the piston and the valve, reduce pressure loss, and improve mechanical efficiency.


6) Shock absorption

When a diesel engine starts, accelerates or undergoes a large change in load, the piston pin, the size of the crankshaft, and the size of the connecting rod and other components must withstand the dramatic changes caused by vibration.


The oil film can absorb part of the impact load energy, reduce the negative impact of the parts vibration on the normal operation of the 227kw four stroke diesel engine, and play a role in buffering the load.



2. The Selection Of Engine Oil

1) According to the recommendation of the diesel engine manufacturer

All manufacturers list the recommended oil types suitable for the KPV550 12v 550kw diesel engine in the manual when they leave the factory. This is the primary basis for the rational selection of diesel engine oil. However, when the operating conditions change, especially under severe conditions, the selection level of the engine oil should also be appropriately increased, and the corresponding changes should be made according to the technical status of the diesel engine itself, the environment, and the conditions of use.


2) According to the mechanical load and thermal load of the diesel engine

Diesel engines are subjected to various loads from the outside during work. The greater the load, the higher the working intensity, the higher the working temperature, and the higher the quality level of the engine oil.


3) According to the quality of diesel engine oil

The quality and sulfur content of diesel oil is also one of the factors that affect the choice of engine oil. When these two indicators have a negative impact, there are stricter requirements for diesel oil.


4) According to special use conditions

When a diesel engine is in operation, the climate is also a factor that must be considered when selecting its oil. When the diesel engine is operated under environmental conditions such as high temperature and high speed or cold climate for a long time, the quality level of the diesel engine oil should be increased by one level or the oil change interval should be shortened appropriately to meet the needs of the engine.


5) According to the specific condition of the machine

Reasonable selection of engine oil can not only ensure the normal operation of the engine, but also reduce the cost. High-load operation will cause the temperature in the engine to rise sharply, which will challenge the oxidation resistance of the lubricating oil.


6) According to diesel engine load and speed

Diesel engines, such as bulldozers, loaders, road rollers and excavators, have the characteristics of large load and low speed, and generally use engine oil with higher viscosity, such as ordinary vehicle diesel engines, which have a long-term low-temperature working environment, small load and high speed. Generally, the oil with low viscosity should be selected.


7) According to the wear of the engine

The choice of engine oil can also be based on the old and new engines, with the aim of reducing mechanical losses and energy saving and efficiency, the new engine chooses a low-viscosity oil, and the heavily worn engine chooses a high-viscosity oil.


In short, choosing the right diesel engine oil can make the diesel engine's economy, power, environmental protection and other performance be fully exerted. We must consider factors such as the diesel engine's strengthening factor, working conditions, use environment, technical status and diesel quality, and choose diesel engine oil with good viscosity and temperature characteristics that conforms to quality grade principles and viscosity grades.

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