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How To Maintain Diesel Generator Set At Different Time?

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How To Maintain Diesel Generator Set At Different Time?

How To Maintain Diesel Generator Set At Different Time?

Strict technical maintenance of the 4 stroke 6 cylinder diesel engines generator set can eliminate the potential hidden dangers of diesel generators in time, ensure that the machine is always in a good state of normal operation, and extend the service life. The technical maintenance regulations are prepared according to the general situation, and the technical personnel can make appropriate amendments according to the type and specific use of the diesel generator set.



1. Daily Technical Maintenance

1) Wipe off the dust and oil pollution of each part of the set, check and eliminate the oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage of each part.

2) Check whether the connecting bolts and nuts of each part are loose after operation, especially the tightening of the foot connection.

3) Check the oil condition and quality in the oil pan before and after operation. If the oil deteriorates, there is metal shavings in the oil or the oil brightness suddenly increases or decreases, you should check the cause, and fill and replace the new oil in time.

4) Check the oil level of the fuel injection pump governor before operation, and it should reach the marking mark of the oil scale.

5) If the environment is dusty, the air filter should be cleaned after long-term operation.

6) Clean the oil stains and water marks of electrical equipment before and after operation, and check whether the joints are firm.

7) Check whether the conveyor belt is good, whether the belt joint is firm, and whether the tension is proper before operation.

8) Check the amount of oil in the diesel tank before and after long-term operation, and check whether the components of the fuel system and the fuel pipe joints are good.



2. First-level Technical Maintenance (Every 1 Month)

1) Perform daily technical maintenance work.

2) Check the electrolyte surface of the battery, it should be 10-15mm higher than the polar plate, and add distilled water when it is insufficient.

3) Check the diesel tank and diesel filter and clean the air filter screen if the accumulated operating time exceeds 100 hours.

4) Check the battery voltage and electro-hydraulic specific gravity. The electro-hydraulic specific gravity should be between 1.27-1.29.

5) Start the 227kw four stroke diesel engines generator set after inspection and maintenance, check the operation, check the meter display, eliminate the existing faults or hidden dangers.



3. Second-level Technical Maintenance (Every 6 Months)

1) Perform the content related to first-level technical maintenance.

2) If the cumulative operating time exceeds 350 hours, the fuel system should be thoroughly cleaned, including the diesel tank, filter, fuel delivery pipe, fuel injection pump and fuel injector. Check the injection pressure and spray conditions and adjust if necessary.

3) If the accumulated time exceeds 350 hours, you should thoroughly check and clean the lubrication system, including crankcase, oil pipe, oil filter, oil pump, oil cooler, etc., and replace with new oil. Pay special attention to whether the oil cooler pipe is corroded or damaged.

4) Check the valve clearance, fuel injection advance angle, and adjust if necessary.

5) Check the sealing of intake and exhaust valves.

6) Check if the water pump is leaking, check the sealing condition of the cylinder sleeve sealing ring.

7) Check the water piping of the cooling system.

8) Check the conditions of the connecting rod, connecting rod bearing, gas distribution mechanism, cooling water pump, governor and other parts if the cumulative operating time exceeds 350 hours. If it is loose and damaged, it should be repaired.

9) Clean the dust inside the powerful 12 cylinder diesel engines generator set, check the connection of the circuit system, check the spring tension of the brush, and whether the contact between the brush and the commutator is good.



4. Third-level Technical Maintenance (Annual)

1) Perform the relevant content of second-level technical maintenance.

2) After the accumulated running time exceeds 800 hours:

A. Main components should be thoroughly cleaned and overhauled, and parts should be replaced as appropriate.

B. Clean the sand and dirt inside the water jacket.



5. Overhauling

1) Determination of overhaul period

The overhaul of the 1800rpm 4 stroke diesel engines generator set depends on the model and usage, and it is directly related to manufacturing quality, maintenance and use. The general overhaul period can be carried out in accordance with the factory regulations. The management personnel can judge whether to overhaul according to the actual working conditions of the diesel engine. The diesel engine should be overhauled if the following conditions occur.

A. Poor starting performance: Difficult starting of the 12v 550kw diesel engines generator set, reduced sealing performance of the cylinder, and serious air leakage.

B. Insufficient power: The power of the diesel engine is obviously reduced, the work is weak, and there is still no improvement after adjustment. When the oil adjustment lever is at the maximum position, the maximum power is less than 80% of the rated power.

C. Severe loss of fuel and engine oil: Under normal operating conditions, the diesel engine emits black smoke, and fuel consumption and engine oil consumption increase significantly. When the diesel engine is well sealed and there is no oil dripping, the oil consumption exceeds 1 times the specified amount.

D. Abnormal sound during operation and intensified vibration: When the diesel engine is in operation, abnormal sounds such as severe knocking sound of the piston and metal collision in the crankcase are heard, and the vibration of the diesel engine is intensified.

E. The abrasion in the cylinder liner is serious, and its roundness or cylindricity reaches or exceeds the service limit.

F. The cylinder pressure drops significantly, 75% below the rated pressure, there is abnormal noise in the cylinder, and the noise will not be eliminated after the machine heats up.

G. The temperature in the crankcase has risen significantly, the diesel engine vents and oil fillers emit misty smoke, and the exhausted has contains engine oil.

H Other situations that require overhauling.


2) Contents of overhauling

A. Disassemble the diesel engine, disassemble the components and clean the parts.

B. Check the cooling system, dredge the pipeline, and remove all deposits.

C. Replace the failed parts and irreparable parts. The parts whose wear exceeds the specified limit value and the parts that cannot complete the next overhauling cycle should be replaced.

D. Replace the joints, seals and connecting pipes that have reached the specified service life.

E. Calibrate all instruments.

F. After assembly, cold grinding and hot test shall be carried out to make each cylinder work evenly, and the performance shall be tested.

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