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How To Select High Quality Diesel Engine Set From Its Speed?

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How To Select High Quality Diesel Engine Set From Its Speed?

How To Select High Quality Diesel Engine Set From Its Speed

As we all know, diesel generator set is a kind of self-contained generator which is composed of diesel engine and it is made up of drive power frequency AC synchronous generator. The electricity of a diesel generator set is usually below 3000 kW. Nowadays, there are many new motor diesel engine sets are sold in the market.



The Division Of Diesel Engine Set

There are many famous brands for generating sets in the market, and the quality and performance of the diesel engine set must meet the requirements of relevant standards. Based on electrical load guaranteed by diesel power station as well as reliability requirements and the engine set’s operating time and use, the diesel power station can be divided into emergency diesel power station and common diesel power station. Therefore, in the selection of the diesel engine set, the use of the diesel engine generator set should be defined first. For example, common generator set should be selected if you want to use it for long and continuous operation. However, if you only want to use it in case of occasional power loss or other equipment does not work, you should select the emergency diesel engine generator set, which only run for less than 12 hours for each single time. Besides this, you can also select the high quality diesel engine set from its speed, that what this article is going to talk about in detail.



The Speed Selection Of Diesel Engine Set

Actually, the speed of diesel generator set mainly depends on the speed of diesel engine. Although have the same capacity, diesel generator set with high rotating speed can have larger unit volume power, small volume and light weight, high speed diesel engine generator required smaller station area, so that it can save the investment spending. However, the high speed generator set has relatively high maintenance cost because of the wear and tear of moving parts and short overhaul period. So you may need to balance these two kind of spending. To reduce the wear and improve the service life of diesel generator set, medium and low speed generator set with less than 1000 rpm can be selected for common generator set while medium and high speed generator set can be selected for standby generator set.


Commonly diesel engine set are are generally used in island, forest that away from the city network , oil fields, mines and other areas. It need to operate uninterruptedly in these area. People in these area usually choose medium and low speed generator set, which are under 600 rpm. Due to frequent maintenance, short service life, spare parts purchase and technical support from manufacturers, the operation and management of the medium and high speed units with 1000 rpm of rotating speed sometimes will bring some troubles to the individual power stations, their reliability of power supply can not be guaranteed. Sometimes they need to use other powerful 6 cylinder diesel engine for emergency need.


In conclusion, selecting from speed is a good way for you to choose diesel engine set, and this method can be also used in selecting high quality water cooled diesel engine.

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