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How To Store Non-Use High Quality Diesel Engine Set For a Long Time?

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How To Store Non-Use High Quality Diesel Engine Set For a Long Time?

How To Store Non-Use High Quality Diesel Engine Set For a Long Time?

 With the popularization of diesel generator set, more and more people like to use high quality diesel engine set in their factories. But when using it, the wrong storage method of diesel generator set can easily lead to corrosion and damage of engine and generator parts, there for, people have to spend more money to repair them. So to avoid this case from happening, people should know the correct way to store the diesel engine set, especially it is non-use for a long time. Therefore, this article is going to tell you how to store non-use high quality diesel engine set for a long time.


Why Should We Store The Non-Use Diesel Engine Set Correctly?

The long-term storage of diesel generator sets will have a decisive adverse effect on diesel engines and alternators, and proper storage method can minimize the adverse effects to them. Sometimes the diesel engine needs to be non-use and be stored for a long period due to some special reasons, in this case, a reasonable and feasible storage plan should be made according to the time required.



The Correct Store Method Of Non-Use High Quality Diesel Engine Set

The storage of the diesel generator set shall be carried out according to some steps, including cleaning the engine set completely and keeping it dry and ventilated, replacing the new lubricating oil of appropriate quality as well as making proof treatment to them. If the engine set is a kind of water cooled engine generator set, you need to thoroughly releasing the water in the water tank, too.


The storage location of your new motor diesel engine set should ensure that it will not damaged by other items. In addition, users are advised to build a separate warehouse and to prevent flammable and explosive items from being placed around diesel generator sets. What is more, it is necessary to prepare some fire protection measures such as foam fire extinguishers to assure the safety.


Thirdly, in order to prevent the freezing cracking of the 6 cylinder diesel engine generator and other accessories of the cooling system as well as to prevent the cooling water from corroding the body for a long time, the diesel engine sets should be added anti-freezing liquid when being stored in the area where it may freeze. The anti-freezing liquids assigned amounts can be referred to the proportion recommended by diesel engine manufacturers. Pay attention that different kinds of diesel engine sets have different discharge points.


To prevent moisture from entering the main alternator coil and minimize moisture condensation, it is necessary to keep the surrounding environment of the generator set dry. You can take some special measures, such as the use of appropriate heating dehumidifier. So that the coil always maintain the dry and can be stored for a longer time.


At last, you should check the diesel generator set carefully before installation or before using it again after a period of storage. For example, to see whether the high speed diesel engine generator set has been damaged or not. Appropriate measures should be taken to solve them when necessary.

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