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How does 4 stroke turbocharger diesel engine help UK solve the gap of power supply?

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How does 4 stroke turbocharger diesel engine help UK solve the gap of power supply?

How does 4 stroke turbocharger diesel engine help UK solve the gap of power supply?

Given the UK government's commitment to shut down all coal-fired power plants in the UK by 2025, ensuring that energy demand does not exceed supply is undoubtedly a top priority for the national grid. But are several examples and case studies enough to convince the data center industry to take risks? What should they do for their 4 stroke turbocharger diesel engine?


In order to alleviate the pressure of supply and demand, State Grid completed the auction of capacity in early February 2017. This has enabled the national grid to obtain contracts worth a total of 378 million pounds from a number of energy companies across the UK in exchange for the guarantee of sufficient energy supply to the national grid during the winter peak.


Ian Bitterlin, a consultant engineer at the University of Leeds, said that given the huge amount of energy currently consumed by the entire data center industry, the industry's energy use habits have attracted the attention of the national grid and other relevant institutions in the UK. 


Sharing of energy wealth

British gas, owned by Centrica, is aggressively pushing data center operators to connect their backup diesel generators to the national gridso as to improve the supply of energy flow during the peak period of energy use.


At the same time, centric is urging data center operators to use their backup diesel generators to extend the power generation period of the power station. This will reduce the amount of electricity they get from the State Grid and in turn make it dependent on data center operators' backup high speed 6 cylinder diesel engine generators.


Risk and reward

"Data center operators are essentially a very conservative group and they will never rush to do anything that may endanger their normal operation and reliability," said Andrew Donoghue, technical research manager, European data center, 451 research


Biterlin said that in view of the important contribution made by efficient powerful 12 cylinder diesel engines in reducing data center downtime interruption during power failure, the implementation of some schemes will be particularly vigilant.


Regulatory pressure

There are also a series of regulations on how to use diesel generators. Donoghue said the measures are aimed at minimizing carbon emissions and pollutants from diesel generators. This may also limit the appeal of data center operators to participate.


"In fact, if these high speed 6cylinder diesel engines are to be used in operations, enterprise data centers may have to invest in different types of diesel generators."


Impact on the environment

When used in a data center backup environment, 4stroke electric starting diesel engine generate relatively less pollution due to the short use time, Donoghue said.


Bitterlin said: if operators start using diesel generators more frequently, it will lead to increased nitrous oxide, particulate emissions and noise pollution. "Emissions from diesel generators meet all international standards, but only suitable when the engine is running a thermal load. Dense smoke and air particles from running diesel generators are often the main causes of complaints from neighbors near the data center. "


Change your mind

According to Bitterli, although the data center industry has enough space to decide whether to share its backup 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine, it is not needed in fact.


"We should plan to increase the use of renewable energy and reduce the use of coal. It should have been replaced 20 years ago with a nuclear power plant rather than a small fossil fuel burning grid. " He said.

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