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How does 4 strokes 6 cylinder diesel engine work?

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How does 4 strokes 6 cylinder diesel engine work?

How does 4 strokes 6 cylinder diesel engine work

Four strokes refers to the movement of the piston, but it is only one thing to represent the movement in fact. Of course, this representation is also the result we want to get when we design this mechanism. The components that really make up this movement are the connecting rod and the crankshaft. 4 stroke 6 cylinder diesel engine is the crystallization of numerous automotive engineers' efforts and the theoretical knowledge behind it is very profound and complicated. Therefore, I try to use simple language to introduce to you.


Working principle of 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine


4 stroke electric starting diesel engine is a kind of heat engine and the core of heat engine is to convert heat energy into mechanical energy. It is through the four strokes working cycle that the engine realizes the transformation of thermal energy and mechanical energy. For a heat engine, there is a very important index called thermal efficiency. Higher thermal efficiency means higher power and lower fuel consumption. For the theoretical analysis of the specific working cycle and the method to improve the thermal efficiency, please refer to Thermal Engineering.


The high speed 4 stroke diesel engine is made in a factory. For example, the cylinder is the working place of the four strokes engine. It needs to bear the explosion of mixture directly and the working conditions are bad. Its performance requirements and processing requirements are very high, so the selection of materials is worth considering.


Control system of 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine


In addition, the powerful 4 stroke diesel engine requires a lot of control system to achieve, such as ignition time, injection time, injection quality and so on. The control system is basically electronic control, so please refer to books on Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Circuit Science and Automobile Electronic Control Principle and Application if you want to know the details of the principle of the electronic control.


There must be a lot of people interested in cars who want to understand the principle of cars but suffer from the lack of systematic knowledge reserve. In fact, this is very normal because automobile is a very deep knowledge. It is basically impossible to master the whole knowledge of automobile, because the research in any field of automobile is very complicated. It is these continuous theoretical studies that make the performance of the vehicle continuously improved.


Therefore, I suggest that the majority of automobile enthusiasts can read the books about automobile theory and automobile structure. They are the core courses of automobile major and the difficulty is smaller than some professional basic courses. There are also a lot of materials on the Internet for reference which don't need too much professional background knowledge to understand. If you are interested and willing to make efforts, it is no problem to understand the theoretical knowledge of high speed 4stroke diesel engine generator. More importantly, you can apply this knowledge to driving, maintenance, repair and model selection after mastering theoretical knowledge. You can say that you know more about cars than the average person, but it's hard to master more in-depth knowledge if you don't have a systematic higher professional education.

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