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How does flywheel of 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine work and how to maintain it?

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How does flywheel of 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine work and how to maintain it?

How does flywheel of 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine work and how to maintain it?

The engine is the heart of a machine. It has been widely used in various industries after it came out. The big and heavy flywheel on the 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine can be seen everywhere. Do you know why the engine is equipped with such a flywheel?


Working principle of flywheel

Early cars did not have a starter, so a handle was inserted into the crankshaft pulley to start the engine. Use human's physical strength to swing the crankshaft of the 4stroke electric starting diesel engine so that the piston can run back and forth in the cylinder to achieve the purpose of starting the engine. With the development of automobile industry, the use of starter to start the engine appeared.


When the driver inserts the vehicle key into the ignition switch and twists it, the starter circuit is turned on. When a large amount of battery current flows into the starter coil, the starter will run. At the same time, the pinion of the starter and the ring gear on the flywheel are combined to expand the power to the crankshaft. Then the piston attached to the crankshaft can move up and down to start the high speed 6cylinder diesel engine.


After the engine is started, the pinion and flywheel ring gear of the starter will be separated automatically. When the hand that controls the ignition switch is released, the starter circuit will automatically cut off and stop running. After the powerful 12cylinder diesel engine rotates, it will drive the generator to run and generate electricity. When the engine does not generate power, the kinetic energy output is supplied to the intake, compression and exhaust stroke, thus making the engine run smoothly. The more cylinders an engine has, the more power overlaps. Since there is no need to store too much kinetic energy, the flywheel can be smaller. Although the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the engine runs. But the too heavy inertia flywheel will slow down the acceleration and deceleration of the engine, so the flywheel of the truck engine is large and the flywheel of the sports car is very light.


The flywheel is the passive part of the starter and the active part of the clutch. The clutch is divided into mechanical clutch and liquid clutch. When the vehicle is running, the friction surface of the flywheel is transmitted to the transmission by contacting the clutch plate of the clutch.


Maintenance of flywheel

The common damage of flywheel is gear ring wear, breakage, looseness, end face scuffing and so on.


1) maintenance of gear ring


When the tooth of the ring gear is worn on one side, the ring gear can be turned over and used continuously. If the ring gear is loose or the teeth are damaged for more than 4 consecutive times, the ring gear should be replaced with a new one.


2) Maintenance of flywheel working face


When the wear depth of flywheel working face is more than 0.5mm, the flywheel should be replaced and the dynamic balance test should be carried out on the crankshaft, otherwise the smooth performance of the high quality 6cylinder diesel engine generator will be affected. There should be a mark "O" on the flywheel when ignition and check whether there is such mark when replacing with a new flywheel. If not, it should be noted again for correction.


The flywheel should also be tested for static balance and the allowable unbalance is generally 0.0098 N·M. After the flywheel is assembled with the crankshaft, the flywheel working face will run out at the end face of the common axis of the main journal at both ends of the crankshaft. When the radius is greater than 0.15mm, the gasket should be added between the crankshaft flange plate and the flywheel. In addition, the mechanical processing method is not allowed to adjust.

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