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How to Better Start Water Cooled Diesel Engine Generator Set in Winter?

Views: 103     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-03      Origin: Site

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How to Better Start Water Cooled Diesel Engine Generator Set in Winter?

How to Better Start Water Cooled Diesel Engine Generator Set in Winter?

In winter, the water cooled diesel engine generator set will be more difficult to start than other seasons. The following content introduces some precautions during the use and maintenance of diesel generator set in winter.



Avoid Improper Starting Method

In winter, in order to start the high speed 6 cylinder diesel engine generator quickly, some drivers often use the method of starting first, then adding cooling water to start the diesel generator set. This practice will cause serious damage to the machine and should not be used. The thermal insulation quilt shall be covered on the water tank first, then the drain valve shall be opened, and 60 to 70 ℃ clean soft water shall be continuously injected into the water tank. When the water from the drain valve becomes warm, close the drain valve, fill the water tank with 90 to 100 ℃ clean soft water, and rotate the crankshaft to properly prelubricate the moving parts, and then start the diesel generator set.



Keep the Machine Warm

In winter, the temperature is low, which is easy to make the 4 stroke 6 cylinder diesel engine generator over cooled. Therefore, heat preservation is the key to the correct use of diesel generator in winter. All diesel generators shall be equipped with insulation cover, insulation curtain and other cold proof equipment. 



Do not Discharge Cooling Water Too Early

The KPV840 water cooled diesel engine generator operates at idle speed before flameout. When the temperature of cooling water drops below 60 ℃, the engine shall be flamed out and the cooling water shall be discharged. If the cooling water is discharged too early, the machine will suddenly be attacked by cold air when the temperature is high, resulting in cracks in the machine. When draining water, the remaining cooling water in the machine shall be completely discharged to avoid freezing and expansion and damage to the machine.



Do not Bake Oil Pan with Open Fire

Baking the oil pan with open fire will cause the oil in the oil pan to deteriorate or even burn, resulting in the decrease or complete loss of the lubricating performance of the powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine generator, thus increasing the wear of the machine. In winter, the engine oil with low freezing point should be selected. When starting, the method of water bath heating can be used to increase the engine oil temperature.



Do not Use Combustion Supporting Start

Do not remove the air filter. Ignite the cotton yarn dipped in diesel oil and put it into the intake pipe to realize combustion supporting start. In this kind of start-up process, the outside dusty air will be directly inhaled into the cylinder without filtering, causing abnormal wear of the piston, cylinder and other parts, thus damaging the machine.



Do not Choose Fuel At Will

The low temperature in winter will make the fluidity of diesel poor, viscosity increase, cause poor atomization, combustion deterioration, and lead to the decrease of power and economic performance of diesel generator. Therefore, light diesel oil with low freezing point and good ignition performance should be selected in winter.

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