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How to Better Use High Quality 4 Stroke Diesel Generator Set on Capital Building?

Views: 93     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-19      Origin: Site

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How to Better Use High Quality 4 Stroke Diesel Generator Set on Capital Building?

How to Better Use High Quality 4 Stroke Diesel Generator Set on Capital Building?

 Because of its small size, convenient handling, fast power supply, long service life and simple operation, KPV970 12 cylinder 4 stroke diesel generator set has been applied in various fields, such as standby power supply in the factory, fire emergency power supply in the real estate, supplementary power supply in the construction of the project site, etc. In order to improve the working efficiency and ensure the safety of production, let's talk about some items that should be paid attention to when the diesel generator set is applied in the construction site.



1. The rated voltage of diesel generator must be consistent with the power supply voltage, frequency and other parameters of electrical equipment used during construction.



2. The installation environment of diesel generator set at the construction site shall be close to the load center, with convenient in and out lines, smooth surrounding roads and avoiding the leeward side of pollution sources and places prone to water accumulation.



3. The installation of fixed powerful 12 cylinder diesel generator set on the construction site in the room shall meet the requirements and be 0.25-0.30m higher than the indoor ground. The mobile diesel generator set shall be in a horizontal state, placed stably. Its trailer shall be reliably grounded, and the front and rear wheels shall be stuck. The diesel generator set on outdoor of the construction site due to the limited conditions shall be provided with protective shed. Because there will be a large amount of dust in the utilization process, it is recommended to keep out some dust with tarpaulin to make the diesel engine play a good role.



4. The power supply of the high quality 4 stroke diesel generator set must be interlocked with the power supply of the external power line, and it is strictly prohibited to operate in parallel with the external power lines. When two or more generator sets operate in parallel, synchronizing device must be installed, and power supply to the load shall be conducted after the unit is synchronized.



5. The KPV970 12 cylinder diesel generator set and its control, power distribution, repair room, etc. shall be set up to ensure the electrical safety distance and meet the fire protection requirements. The smoke exhaust pipe shall extend out of the room, and it is strictly prohibited to store the oil storage barrel indoors and near the exhaust pipe. Do not place inflammables and explosives around.



6. Prepare enough diesel oil to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine caused by shutdown. All diesel generators on the construction site shall be numbered and locked uniformly and managed by specially assigned person. Establish temporary power supply and power safety technical file system, and strictly follow the operation instructions of diesel generator.


As an efficient power generation equipment, KPV970 4 stroke diesel generator set is gradually favored by all walks of life, especially its wide application in the construction site. Clearing the precautions in the operation of diesel generator set can not only promote the efficient operation of diesel generator set, but also save time and cost.

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