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How to Check Details in the 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine Generator Set Maintenance?

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How to Check Details in the 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine Generator Set Maintenance?

How to Check Details in the 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine Generator Set Maintenance?

The 6 cylinder diesel engine generator set must be maintained and frequently. When the generator set has problems, the generator set manufacturer will arrange professionals to solve these problems. If the generator set is not maintained for a long time, the probability of generator failure will increase. Regular maintenance of the generator set is the best way to avoid generator failure. In the maintenance and repair of the generator, the following details need to be paid attention to. Only by dealing with these details can the service life of the generator be extended.



Check the State of Water Tank and Oil

Water tank is a part of the 400kW 4 stroke diesel engine generator set, so we should pay attention to whether the amount of water in the water tank is within the specified range. When the water in the tank is insufficient, add water in time. In addition, antifreeze also needs to be added on time. Therefore, in the maintenance of the generator, it is necessary to carefully check the state of the water tank and oil, so as to ensure that the heat dissipation performance of the generator is not affected and prevent the generator from freezing. The oil can effectively lubricate the internal parts of the generator set and prevent the parts from being damaged due to friction. 



Pay Attention to Check the Condition of Diesel Oil

Because the water cooled engine generator set uses diesel as energy to generate electricity, it must be equipped with a diesel tank. When we need to generate electricity, we can add a certain amount of diesel into the diesel tank, and then start the machine. In the maintenance of the generator set, to ensure that the diesel tank is sufficient, and the quality of diesel oil is also very important. To ensure that the inside of the tank is clean, if there is a large amount of grease inside the diesel tank, it must be cleaned or replaced. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the oil supply valve is open and ensure that there is no air in the pipeline.



Pay Attention to Check the Circuit System

Because the high speed diesel engine generator set needs to input these electric energy to the battery after generating electricity, so the circuit system is installed in the generator. The circuit system contains a variety of components, which is relatively complex. Therefore, during the maintenance of the generator set, it is necessary to check the condition of the circuit system, check whether the liquid level of the battery is normal, and ensure that the circuit breaker is in the off state.


The above content introduces several problems needing attention in the maintenance of the powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine generator set. In addition, we should check the condition of the diesel engine and ensure that it is in good condition every day. The generator manufacturers will timely remind customers to check whether there is leakage in the generator, check whether the belt of the generator is loose or worn, and check the connection of various parts. If the generator has the above problems, it should be repaired in time and restored to normal state before it can be used again.

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