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How to Confirm and Adjust the Valve Interval of Powerful 12 Cylinder Diesel Engine?

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How to Confirm and Adjust the Valve Interval of Powerful 12 Cylinder Diesel Engine?

How to Confirm and Adjust the Valve Interval of Powerful 12 Cylinder Diesel Engine?

If the valve gap is too small, when the 227KW 4 stroke diesel engine generator is running, the valve is heated and expanded, so that the valve is not closed tightly, resulting in air leakage; if the valve gap is too large, it will cause damage to the rocker head, the knocking sound is loud, and the intake is insufficient, therefore reduce output power. So, the maintenance should be checked and adjusted in accordance with the rules of the valve clearance of the diesel generator stated by the manufacturer.


When adjusting the valve clearance, it is necessary to perform the valve when it is completely closed.


Adjustment of valve clearance of six-cylinder engine

Commonly used method: if the operation sequence of the 6 Cylinder Turbocharge diesel engine generator is 1-5—3—6—2—4. When adjusting, first roll the crankshaft, align the top dead center mark on the flywheel with the flywheel shell mark, and observe the opening and closing status of the valve. When the intake valve of the 6th cylinder is opened, the intake and exhaust valves of the 1st cylinder are at the end of the contraction. Choose a gauge that matches the valve gap size of the machine, insert it between the valve foot and the rocker arm, and adjust the valve gap adjustment screw, pull the gauge back and forth to feel a slight resistance, and then tighten the determined nut. After setting the first cylinder, roll the crankshaft 120° towards the work direction to adjust the valve of the fifth cylinder, and then adjust the valves of the third, sixth, second, and fourth cylinders in the same way.


Simple adjustment method: This method is still clarified by the six cylinder diesel generator set in the operation running sequence 1-5—3—6—2—4. Adjust the valve clearances of the two cylinders of the first cylinder together. After adjusting the valve clearance of each cylinder, roll the crankshaft clockwise by 120°, and then adjust the valve clearance of each cylinder. This method only needs to be divided twice to complete the adjustment of all valve clearances.



Adjustment of Valve Gap of 12-cylinder V-type Diesel Generator

Before adjustment, first install a 360° graduated dial on the front of the crankshaft, and place an adjustable pointer on the front cover. Remove the cylinder cover and roll the crankshaft so that the pointer on the flywheel housing inspection window is aligned with the timing zero line on the flywheel. Pay attention to the pointer installation, both sides of the pointer should be located between the two limit marking lines on the flywheel housing; care should be taken not to deform the pointer during operation. Then, align the pointer placed on the front cover with the zero-degree line on the dial and fix it. Water cooled diesel engines generator set is worth trying.



The ignition sequence of the twelve cylinder V-type diesel generator  is 1-12—5—8—3—10—6—7—2—11—4—9. At this moment, the pistons of cylinder 1 and cylinder 6 are at top dead center together. In order to determine whether the first cylinder is at the beginning of the expansion stroke, you can remove the side cover plate of the fuel injection pump and observe whether the plunger spring of the fuel injection pump of the first cylinder is in a contracted state to determine whether the crankshaft may be rolled slightly and observe the advancement of the first cylinder. It is determined whether the exhaust valve is at stable situation. With the crankshaft in this orientation, the clearance between the intake and exhaust valves of each cylinder can be adjusted together.

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