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How to Select Diesel Generator for Hospital As Emergency Power Supply?

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How to Select Diesel Generator for Hospital As Emergency Power Supply?

How to Select Diesel Generator for Hospital As Emergency Power Supply?

Reasons for hospitals to choose diesel generator sets as emergency equipment


The modern medical industry continues to develop, and various medical equipment facilities must keep up with the development process, including power generation equipment. In order to avoid the medical risks caused by unexpected power outages, the hospital must be equipped with a backup power supply.

Due to the small size, flexibility, lightness and completeness of the diesel generator, it is easy to operate and maintain, so many hospitals will be equipped with diesel power generation equipment, for example, high quality electric starting water cooled turbocharged diesel engine.


The electrical system established in medical institutions is much larger and more complex than the electrical system in traditional commercial buildings. Whether medical institutions only need emergency backup power or need to flexibly implement constant load power, companies that provide diesel generators will design and deploy solutions for each power system situation to provide the highest degree of reliability and flexibility while improving efficiency and lower operating costs. Hospital diesel generator sets are mainly used to provide electric power support for hospitals. Due to the particularity and importance of service targets, unit performance requirements are relatively high. Maybe you are willing to focus on high speed 6 cylinder diesel engine and powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine.



How do hospitals choose diesel generators?


1. Diesel power generation equipment for medical and health use must have stability and reliability. The diesel generator can be operated stably and reliably at an altitude of not more than 1000 meters, the working environment temperature is within 40℃ to -15℃, and it can work continuously for 24 hours at the rated power output mode. In order to ensure the normal operation of hospital power, the diesel generator equipment for medical and health use is normally equipped with two diesel generators of the same power, one main and one backup. When one of them fails, the standby diesel generator immediately starts to supply power to ensure the safety and timely power supply of the hospital.


2. The diesel generator equipment for medical and health use must solve the noise problem. It is best to be a quiet type diesel generator. The noise of the diesel generator can reach 110 decibels when working. In an environment like a hospital, it must be noise-reduced to ensure that there is a sufficiently quiet environment to ensure that the doctor can work at ease and the patient can rest in peace. 4 stroke water cooled diesel engine generator set is one of the options.


3. The diesel generator equipment for medical and health use must be self-starting, and it requires high sensitivity and good safety. The diesel generator should be converted into an automatic unattended intelligent type. When the mains power is cut off, the diesel generator can start quickly and automatically open the power supply from the mains side, with high sensitivity and good safety. Priority can be given to high quality electric starting diesel engine and 4 stroke electric starting diesel engine.


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