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How to Use Diesel Generator as Emergency Power Supply?

Views: 108     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-15      Origin: Site

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How to Use Diesel Generator as Emergency Power Supply?

How to Use Diesel Generator as Emergency Power Supply?

A diesel generator is a small-scale power generation equipment, which refers to a power machine that uses diesel as a fuel and uses a diesel engine as the prime mover to drive the generator to generate electricity. The complete diesel engine generator set can be used for daily power generation and emergency power generation in various homes, offices, large, medium and small enterprises.


The diesel generator is a kind of power generation equipment. Its working principle is that the engine burns diesel, and the heat energy is converted into mechanical energy. The rotation of the generator drives the cutting magnetic field of the generator, and finally generates electrical energy. So what are its main uses?


What are the uses of diesel generators?


1. Self-provided power supply. Some power users have no grid power supply, such as islands away from the mainland, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, military camps, workstations, radar stations on desert plateaus, etc., they need to configure their own power supply. The so-called self-supplied power supply is a self-supplied power supply. In the case of low power generation, diesel generator sets are often the first choice for self-provided power supply. 227KW 4 stroke diesel engine and KP206 6 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine are optional.


2. Standby power. The main purpose is that although some power users have a relatively stable and reliable power supply, in order to prevent unexpected situations, such as circuit failures or temporary power outages, they can still be configured as emergency power generation and use power sources. Generally, the requirements for power supply guarantee are relatively high, and even a one-minute and one-second power outage is not allowed. It must be replaced by self-emergent power generation at the moment when the grid power is terminated, otherwise it will cause great losses in the district. Powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine and 660KW high speed diesel engine generator set can meet such needs.


Such units include some traditional high-power supply guarantee units, such as hospitals, mines, power plant security power supplies, factories using electric heating equipment, etc. In recent years, network power has become a new growth point for backup power demand, such as telecommunications operators, banks, airports, command centers, databases, highways, high-grade hotel office buildings, high-end restaurants and entertainment venues, etc. Due to the use of network management, these units are increasingly becoming the main body of the use of backup power.


3. Alternative power supply. The role of alternative power supply is to make up for the shortage of grid power supply. There may be two situations. One is that the price of the grid is too high. From the perspective of cost saving, diesel generators are used as alternative power sources. The other is that in the case of insufficient grid power supply, the use of grid power is restricted, and the power supply department has to go everywhere. The brakes limit electricity. At this time, in order to produce and work normally, the power-using unit needs to replace the power supply for relief. In this case, you can choose 4 stroke turbocharger diesel engine or 12 cylinder high speed 4 stroke diesel engine generator set according to electricity consumption.


4. Mobile power. Mobile power is a power generation facility that has no fixed place of use, but is used everywhere. The diesel generator set has become the first choice for mobile power due to its light, flexible and easy to operate characteristics. The mobile power supply is generally designed in the form of a power supply vehicle, including self-powered vehicles and trailer power vehicles.


5. Fire power supply. The fire-fighting generator set is mainly used for building fire-fighting equipment. In the event of a fire, etc., the mains power is cut off, and the generator is used as the power source of the fire-fighting equipment.


If we look at the market use of diesel generator set products from the perspective of social development, it can be said that it is a transitional use as a self-provided power supply and an alternative power supply, while it is a long-term use as a backup power supply and a mobile power supply, especially as a fire power supply. The huge potential market demand will be slowly released.

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