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How to better use high speed 455kw diesel engine in plateau area?

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How to better use high speed 455kw diesel engine in plateau area?

How to better use high speed 455kw diesel engine in plateau area?

High speed diesel generator set is a kind of power supply equipment which takes diesel engine as prime mover and drives to generate electricity synchronously. It has the characteristics of quick starting, convenient operation and maintenance, less investment ,low noise and strong adaptability to the environment. So it is widely used in infrastructure construction projects and generator factories. Sometimes the factories and projects are in plateau section, which have higher altitude and lower temperature, therefore, the use of diesel engine in plateau area is different from that in plain area, which brings some changes to the performance and diesel engine using. This article is going to tell you the difference that need to be payed attention to in plateau area and how to better use high speed diesel generator set in plateau area.



The Use of Diesel Engine in Plateau Areas

We all know that the air pressure is low, thin and the oxygen content is small in the plateau area. Therefore, especially for the naturally aspirated diesel engine, the combustion condition becomes worse because of the insufficient air intake, so that the diesel engine can not send out the original prescribed calibrated power. Even if the basic structure of the diesel engines are the same, the calibration power of each type of diesel engine are different, so their working ability in the plateau are different, too. Take 12 cylinder 420 KW diesel engine as an example, due to the large calibration power, the performance allowance is a little small, for every 1000 m raised in the plateau, the power will be reduced.


Therefore, in the long-term use in plateau area, we should accustom on the local sea level, so that we need to reduce the oil supply based on actual situation, or we can use new motor diesel generator set to assure the oil supply.



How To Better Use Diesel Engine In Plateau Area

To better use our diesel engine in plateau area, here are some useful suggestion for you. According to the test in recent years, the exhaust gas turbocharging method can be used as power compensation for diesel engine in plateau area. It can not only make up for the shortage of plateau area’s lower engine power, but also can improve smoke color, restore power performance and reduce fuel consumption rate. Some high quality Electric staring diesel generator has this function.


With the increase of the sea level, the ambient temperature is lower than that of the plain area. Generally, the ambient temperature decreases by about 0.6℃ for every 1000 meter. Therefore, the starting performance of diesel engine is worse than that of plain area. To solve this problem, we should take the auxiliary starting measures that corresponding to the low temperature, high speed 455kw diesel engine can quickly start to work due to its high speed, it is a good choice to be used in plateau area.


Third, the cooling system's heat dissipation conditions are worse than those of the plain, due to the increase in the water's boiling point and the decrease in the wind pressure. Generally, open cooling cycle is not suitable to be used in high altitude area. Instead, pressurized closed cooling system can be used to increase the boiling point of coolant. If you want to use water cooled turbocharge diesel engine, you should pay attention to this point.

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