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How to prevent from diesel engine generator head gasket damage?

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How to prevent from diesel engine generator head gasket damage?

how to prevent from diesel engine generator head gasket damage?

 Do you know the cause of the burning of the cylinder head of the diesel engine? How should we judge the type of cylinder head burn and extend the service life of the diesel engine cylinder? What is the difference between 12 cylinder 4 stroke new diesel engine generator set and 12 cylinder water cooled new diesel engine generator set? This article tells you the answer.


Measures to prevent burning of cylinder head gasket of diesel engine

1.Correctly assemble the cylinder liner

Before the cylinder set is matched, the dirt and rust on the outer surface of the cylinder liner and the upper and lower shoulders of the cylinder block hole should be thoroughly removed, and the trial matching work of the cylinder liner and the cylinder block hole should be done. When trial fitting (without water-blocking ring), the cylinder liner should rotate flexibly in the cylinder block seat without jamming; if it is not suitable, it should be adjusted between the cylinder liner shoulder and the cylinder block seat with spacers. During the press-fitting process of the cylinder liner, special tools should be used for press-fitting, and the force should be even; it is strictly forbidden to slam on the plane on the cylinder liner to prevent local deformation of the cylinder port.


2.Strengthen the inspection of cylinder head and cylinder block unevenness

Cylinder head warpage or cylinder block unevenness does not meet the requirements, which is the cause of repeated burning of the cylinder gasket. Therefore, the second and third level maintenance, overhaul and replacement of burnt cylinder head gaskets should all be inspected. The general standard is: integral cylinder head gasket, the unevenness within 300mm length is not more than 0.10mm; cylinder head and cylinder block whose unevenness exceeds the specified requirements should be trimmed to meet the technical requirements. The surface of the cylinder head and cylinder liner after repairing should be higher than the protrusion of the cylinder body, otherwise it should be adjusted. 



How to properly disassemble the cylinder head

Whether the cylinder head is disassembled and assembled correctly is an important guarantee for extending the life of the cylinder head gasket and preventing the deformation of the cylinder head. The following points should be noted:


1. When removing the cylinder head, it should be carried out in a cold state. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble the hot engine to prevent warping. When disassembling, it should be gradually loosened from the two sides to the middle symmetrically. It is strictly forbidden to strike the cylinder head with a metal object or to pry the slit with a sharp hard tool to prevent scratching of the joint surface of the cylinder body and the cylinder head or damage to the cylinder gasket.


2. Cylinder head assembly should pay attention to remove the oil stains and impurities in each joint surface and cylinder block bolt hole, and blow it away with high-pressure gas, so as not to cause the bolts to compress the cylinder head insufficiently.



Other considerations

1. Check and adjust the fuel injection timing in time; the fuel injection pressure of the fuel injector must meet the requirements of the regulations. It is strictly forbidden to increase the fuel pressure arbitrarily, and the error of the fuel injection pressure of each cylinder is not more than 2%.

2. For the 227KW 4 stroke diesel engine with overhauled boring cylinder, due to the increase of compression ratio, the temperature and pressure of the gas at the end of compression will rise sharply. In order to prevent rough work and deflagration, the fuel injection timing should be appropriately postponed according to the repair level.

3. It is strictly forbidden to run the engine with cooling water for a long time; try to avoid excessive flameout under heavy load, high temperature and high speed, and prohibit rapid acceleration under no load.



4 Stroke turbocharger diesel engine, KP206 6 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine, what are the characteristics of these types of diesel engines? Follow us in the next article to tell you the answer.


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