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How to reduce harmful emission of diesel engine generator?

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How to reduce harmful emission of diesel engine generator?

how to reduce harmful emission of diesel engine generator?

The harmful emissions of diesel generators are a primary factor of atmospheric pollution. With the increasing importance of environmental protection problems, the policy of reducing harmful emissions of new diesel engine generator sets has become an important direction for water cooled new diesel engines in the world today. This article briefly outlines several control techniques for reducing diesel engine harmful emissions.



Harmful emissions and damage from diesel engines

High speed turbocharge diesel engine exhaust contains various components, the basic components of which are carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor (H2O), excess oxygen (O2), and remaining nitrogen (N2). They are the products of complete incineration of fuel and air. In addition to the above basic components, diesel exhaust is also rich in incompletely incinerated products and central products of incineration reactions, including carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen Oxygen compounds (NOX), particulates (PT) and aldehydes. Although the total mass of these substances accounts for less than 1% of the diesel exhaust, most of them are harmful, or have a strong odor, and some have carcinogenic effects, so they are classified as harmful emissions.


High pressure common rail eruption system improves diesel engine emissions

The main countermeasure for reducing the emission of 4 stroke electric starting diesel engine is to improve the incineration, and the function of the eruption system is a key factor affecting the combustion process of the diesel engine. It is difficult to improve the traditional pulsation eruption system of the sub-cylinder pump by the plunger pump. The high-pressure common rail eruption system meets the above needs. It appears and has been greatly developed.


The characteristics of the high-pressure common-rail eruption system are: the establishment of the injection pressure has nothing to do with the injection process; the injection pressure, the injection process and the injection duration are not affected by the load and speed; the injection punctuality is completely separated from the injection metering , It can freely adjust the fuel injection volume and fuel injection starting point of each cylinder; therefore, the high-pressure common rail eruption system is optimized to control the fuel injection elements. The diesel engine is burned more abundantly, and then the composition of harmful substances in the combustion is reduced, so that the harmful emissions of the diesel engine, Noise emission and cold start functions have been greatly improved.


Main technical points for installation of generator equipment

Install the end cover, bearing and seal tile of the generator through the hydrogen cooler of the rotor, adjust the installation, install the exciter, find the center of the wheel and connect the overall air tightness test.


The hoisting of the stator mainly adopts two vehicles in the main plant and installs 2 temporary trots on the road running, and then prepares the suspension beam to lift at the same time, lifting the stator about lm from the ground, it is necessary to test the brake 2-3 times, confirm the brake when it is good, it starts to lift formally. After lifting to the bottom of the stator of the generator to exceed the predetermined elevation, the driving cart mechanism is driven until the center line of the stator coincides with the center line of the seat, and the stator is slowly dropped on the foundation.


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