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How to set diesel engine generator room for fire-fighting power supply?

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How to set diesel engine generator room for fire-fighting power supply?

How to set diesel engine generator room for fire-fighting power supply?

Diesel generator set consists of two parts: diesel engine and generator. As a standby power supply, powerful 12cylinder diesel engine has the characteristics of stability and adaptability in electrical design. Therefore, the reasonable choice of diesel generator is a test for designers.


When to choose diesel generator


(1) In order to meet the power supply requirements for the first and second level loads, 4 stroke 6cylinder diesel engine shall be set generally when the power grid can only provide one way of power supply. The diesel generator set will be used as standby power or emergency power supply; 


(2) When there is a particularly important load in the first level load, diesel generator set shall be set as the emergency power supply. When the civil buildings need to be powered according to the first level load requirements, the diesel generator set may not be set if the urban power grid can provide two independent power sources; 


(3) In order to ensure that the interruption of power supply will not cause great economic losses, 4stroke electric starting diesel engine should also be set up in large and medium-sized commercial buildings. Because the urban power grid cannot be completely independent, another power supply may fail at the same time sometimes when one power supply fails or is overhauled. Therefore, in order to ensure the reliable power supply of fire-fighting and other important equipment (such as intelligent equipment and communication equipment) in civil buildings, diesel generator sets are generally set.


Requirements for fire protection and fire-fighting facilities in diesel generator room


The high speed 6cylinder diesel engine room arranged in the civil building shall meet the following requirements:


It should be arranged on the first floor or underground floor.

It shall not be arranged on the upper floor, the next floor or the adjacent room of the densely populated place.

Fire partition wall with fire resistance of no less than 2.00h and non-combustible floor of 1.50h shall be adopted.

When oil storage room is set in the machine room, the total storage capacity shall not be more than 1m. The oil storage room shall be provided with a fire partition wall with a fire resistance limit of not less than 3.00h. A fire door shall be set when the door needs to be opened on the fire partition wall.

Fire alarm device shall be set.

Fire extinguishing facilities suitable for high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator capacity and building scale shall be provided. Other parts of the building and the machine room are equipped with automatic sprinkler system.


Other requirements


(1) It is not allowed to operate the diesel generator for a long time under 50% of rated power. Under the condition of less than 50% of the rated power, the oil consumption of the 4stroke turbocharger diesel engine is easy to increase and the diesel combustion is not sufficient, which is easy to produce carbon scale, so that the failure rate of the diesel generator increases and the service life of the unit is shortened;


(2) The nominal working power of the nameplate is the maximum working power within 12 hours. The long-term operating power is 90% of the nominal working power, which is the power when the atmospheric pressure humidity is 30% at 25 ℃;


(3) When both 10kV independent high-voltage power supplies lose power, the diesel generator will be started after ATS switch conversion. When the rated speed, voltage and frequency are reached, the new motor 4stroke turbocharger diesel engine is put into rated load operation. The unit shall be in standing start state. The generator set with automatic starting device can ensure that the building is always in two power supply states;


(4) The layout of the generator room can refer to the relevant provisions of the Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings.

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