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How to use diesel engine generator sets in the container?

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How to use diesel engine generator sets in the container?

How to use diesel engine generator sets in the container?

 In recent years, the application of diesel generating set is more and more popular in our country. As the main standby generating equipment of power system, 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine is also required for the environment when it is used. At present, most of the diesel generator sets of container type are used and some functions are particularly important, such as container dust-proof function, heat dissipation function and rainproof and wet function. 


The ventilation rate of the box is also very important for the 4stroke electric starting diesel engine. The ventilation environment of the diesel generator set is an important condition to ensure its working environment temperature, but it is not easy to take dust-proof and rain proof measures.


Cooling design of diesel generator set


Diesel generator set will produce a lot of heat in the process of operation. If the heat is not removed in time, the high speed 6cylinder diesel engine will be damaged. Therefore, we must keep good heat dissipation performance. In order to make the generator set have good heat dissipation effect, it is necessary to ensure that the generator room has good ventilation effect and keep the radiator of diesel generator set working normally.


Dustproof design of diesel generator set


The two effects of ventilation and dust prevention in the same box are contradictory. A well-ventilated box will inevitably reduce the dust-proof performance properly and too much consideration of the dust-proof effect will affect the ventilation of the container. This requires the designers of container powerful 12cylinder diesel engine to calculate and coordinate according to the actual situation. The ventilation calculation mainly involves the air inlet system and exhaust system in the container, which needs to be calculated according to the amount of gas required for combustion and the amount of air exchange required for heat dissipation of the unit. The sum of gas volume and air change volume is the ventilation volume of the machine room, which changes with the temperature rise of the container.


Ventilation design of diesel generator set


The ventilation problem of container diesel generator set should be paid special attention to in container design. In general, the exhaust of the unit shall be equipped with hot air pipes and the radiator of the diesel engine shall not disperse the heat in the container. There should be enough fresh air in the container. When the high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator is running, the air exchange volume in the container shall be equal to or greater than the sum of the new air volume required for diesel engine combustion and the new air volume required for maintaining the container temperature.


Generally, the ventilation volume of container is calculated according to the temperature rise of the container controlled within 5 ℃ - 10 ℃, which is also a relatively high requirement. When the temperature rise of the container is controlled within 5 ℃ - 10 ℃, the sum of the gas volume and the air change volume is the ventilation volume of the container at this time. If the container is not well dustproof, it will do harm to the equipment. In order to ensure the ventilation of the container, the dustproof effect of the container should be considered, which is very necessary to ensure the air quality and air volume of the machine room.


Design of rain proof water intrusion for diesel generator set


As the generator set is often used outdoors, it will inevitably be attacked by rain, which will cause destructive impact on the power generation equipment in the container. This problem can be solved by installing "integrated ventilation and filter window with comprehensive protection" in the 4 stroke turbocharger diesel engine. The window is designed with aluminum alloy louver and S-shaped blade structure. Since the blades are closely linked, the direction of the air inlet can be forced to change and enter the box from the outside through multiple turns. In addition, a drainage hole is arranged at the root of the shutter. After the rain splashes in, it will automatically flow out from the drain hole at the bottom, which has strong rainproof, waterproof, snow proof and sand proof functions. At the same time, the rear end of the louver is equipped with a high protection level dust filter net, which can effectively filter the dust from the outside of the box into the air inside the container, so as to ensure that the air inside the box is clean and avoid the electrical equipment in the box from being disturbed by dust. The dust filter can be removed and cleaned or replaced regularly.

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