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Introducing Main Parts Of The Diesel Generator Set

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Introducing Main Parts Of The Diesel Generator Set

Introducing Main Parts Of The Diesel Generator Set

KP206 6 cylinder diesel engine generator is a relatively large unit, which has a complicated structure and is troublesome to maintain. Next we will introduce the main components and maintenance methods of diesel generator sets.



1. Main Components Of Diesel Generator Sets

1) Crankshaft and Main Bearings

The crankshaft is a long shaft installed in the lower part of the cylinder block. The shaft is equipped with an offset connecting rod journal, that is, a crank crank pin. This is used to convert the reciprocating motion of the piston connecting rod into rotary motion. An oil supply passage is drilled inside the crankshaft to supply lubricating oil to the main bearings and connecting rod bearings. The main bearing supporting the crankshaft in the cylinder block is a sliding bearing.


2) Cylinder

The cylinder is the skeleton of an internal combustion engine. All other components of the 6 cylinder high speed diesel engine set are mounted on the cylinder with screws or other connection methods. There are many threaded holes in the cylinder to connect with other parts with bolts. In the cylinder body, there are holes or supports, such as bore holes to support the camshaft, and cylinder holes that can be installed in the cylinder liner.


3) Piston, Piston Ring And Connecting Rod

The role of the piston and the piston ring installed in the groove is to transmit the pressure of fuel and air combustion to the connecting rod connected to the crankshaft. The role of the connecting rod is to connect the piston to the crankshaft. The piston pin connects the piston and connecting rod , which is usually fully floating.


4) Camshaft and Timing Gear

In the new stationary 227kw diesel engine set, the camshaft controls the intake valve and exhaust valve. In some diesel engines, it can also drive the lubricating oil pump or the fuel injection pump. The camshaft is timed by the crankshaft through a timing gear or camshaft gear that engages with the front gear of the crankshaft. This not only drives the camshaft, but also ensures that the valve of the diesel engine can be in an accurate position with the crankshaft and piston.


5) Cylinder Cover and Valve

The main function of the cylinder cover is to provide a cover for the cylinder. In addition, the intake port and exhaust port on the cylinder cover allow air to enter the cylinder and exhaust gas to be discharged. These air passages are opened and closed by actuated valves installed in valve ducts on the cylinder cover.


6) Fuel Oil System

According to the load and speed of the 660kw high speed diesel engine set, the fuel oil system injects an accurate amount of fuel into the cylinder of the diesel engine at the precise time.


7) Supercharger

The supercharger is an air pump driven by exhaust gas, which provides pressurized air to the diesel engine, increasing the efficiency of the diesel engine.



2. Maintenance Of Main Components Of Diesel Generator Sets

1) Maintenance of the Stator

When testing the stator coil, a multimeter should be used to measure the resistance value between the various ends of the stator coil. The resistance between the three ends should be equal, and the negative value between the coil and the iron core should not be large. If there is a short circuit, open circuit or grounding in the stator coil, the winding should be re-wound or the stator assembly should be replaced.


2) Maintenance of the Rotor

When testing the rotor, use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the two slip rings. The resistance value should be between 18-20 ohms. If the measured resistance value is too large or too small, it means that there is a fault in the rotor coil. After disassembly, repair or directly replace the rotor assembly. The two slip rings should be clean, and the surface of the slip rings should be smooth, without ablation and uneven wear. The dirt on the surface of the rotor can be scrubbed with cotton yarn dipped with a small amount of gasoline or alcohol. If there is slight ablation and wear, it can be smoothed with fine sand. When the surface has serious ablation, it can be repaired by turning, and then polish with fine emery cloth.


3) Maintenance Of Silicon Rectifier

There are two types of silicon diodes used in silicon rectifier generators. The lead marked with red is the positive lead, and the lead marked with black is the negative lead. Before judging whether the diode is good or bad, generally use a soldering iron to open the positive or negative end, and then use a multimeter to test. The detection method is: the transfer switch of the multimeter is turned to the resistance R*1 block, and the red test lead is placed on the diode with the red marked lead during the measurement, and the black test lead is placed on the metal panel. When testing with an ordinary multimeter, the indication of the needle should be around 10 ohms, when testing with a digital multimeter, the multimeter will beep, and then put the black test lead on the diode with the red marked lead, and the red test lead on the metal panel. When the indicated value of the multimeter is above 10 kiloohms, the silicon diode is normal. If the measured positive and reverse resistance values are large, it is generally considered that the internal contact of the diode is poor or broken. If the measured positive and reverse resistance values are small, it is generally possible to determine the internal short circuit of the diode. Regardless of the short circuit or open circuit inside the diode, a new diode should be replaced. When assembling, the diode should be pressed into the hole, and it cannot be struck with a hammer to prevent the internal damage of the diode.


4) Maintenance of Brush Device

The brush holder of the 1800rpm 4 stroke diesel engine set should be free of deformation and cracks, the pressure of the brush spring should meet the technical requirements, and the contact surface between the brush and the commutator should be more than 85%.

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