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What Are Different Types of Water Cooled Diesel Engine?

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What Are Different Types of Water Cooled Diesel Engine?

What Are Different Types of Water Cooled Diesel Engine?

The cooling methods of  diesel engines are divided into water cooling and air cooling.



1. Water Cooling Mode of Diesel Engine

The water cooling method of high quality water cooled diesel engines takes water as medium to transfer the heat generated by diesel engine. The diesel engine with this cooling method is usually composed of water pump, cooling water tank, fan, thermostat, etc. Under the action of the water pump, the cooling water is drawn into the diesel engine and flows in a certain way, absorbing and taking away the heat generated by the parts, and the heat is dissipated into the air through the action of the fan and the water tank. It keeps the working temperature of diesel engine within a certain range.



2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Water-cooled Diesel Engine

The cooling effect of powerful water cooled 4 stroke diesel engines is good, which is suitable for high-power diesel engine. When the temperature or working load changes, it is convenient to adjust the cooling intensity, so that the diesel engine always works within the specified temperature range (65 ℃ ~ 95 ℃). In addition, hot water can be used to preheat in winter, which is convenient to start. However, due to the limitation of water cooling mode, it also has the disadvantages of easy scaling and pitting corrosion on cylinder liner.



3. Application Fields of Water Cooled Diesel Engine

Water cooled diesel engine is mainly used in agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, automobile industry, marine machinery, electric power industry and other fields.



4. Classification of Water Cooled Diesel Engines

There are two main types of water-cooled diesel engines, circulating water-cooled diesel engines and evaporative water-cooled diesel engines.


(1) Circulating Water Cooled Diesel Engine

The circulating water-cooled diesel engine mainly relies on the cooling water of the forced cooling system in the water tank. When working, the hot water goes up into the water tank and is forced to cool into cold water by the fan, and then pumped back to the diesel engine for reuse.


(2) Evaporative Water-cooled Diesel Engine

The evaporative KPV550 water cooled 4 stroke diesel engines is cooled by the natural evaporation of water, which also takes away the heat of the diesel engine and achieves the purpose of cooling. But this kind of cooling method needs to add water frequently and consumes more oil, which is cheap and suitable for usage in the Central Plains. The characteristic of evaporative water-cooled diesel engine is that the water level should be paid attention to at any time and the cooling water should be filled in time. It is normal for cooling water to boil when working, because a certain temperature must be kept during the operation of diesel engine.


In the process of the use of high speed water cooled diesel engines, it is necessary to check the cooling system regularly. Whether there is leakage, coolant level, thermostat working normally and whether there is scale in the cooling system pipeline are mainly checked. If any abnormality is found, it should be handled in time. Timely and good maintenance can make the diesel engine run more smoothly.



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