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What Are The Correct Procedures To Run Diesel Generators?

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What Are The Correct Procedures To Run Diesel Generators?

What Are The Correct Procedures To Run Diesel Generators?

As an excellent backup power source, 6 cylinder 4 stroke water cooled diesel engines are favored by major enterprises. Since many users are unfamiliar with the operation process of the generator, it often leads to mechanical failure of the generator, and even more people are injured or killed. In order to allow users to use diesel generators more safely, we have compiled the following safe operation rules for diesel generators.



1. Automatic State

1) Keep the battery pack of the starting motor to reach the starting voltage.

2) Keep the cooling water level of the radiator normal and the circulating water valve normally open.

3) The oil level of the crankcase is kept within the range of ±2cm of the dipstick.

4) The fuel volume of the fuel tank is more than half, and the fuel supply valve is normally open.

5) The "Run-Stop-Automatic" switch of the generator control panel is placed in the "Automatic" position.

6) The mode switch of the unit's distribution panel is in the "automatic" position.

7) The radiator fan switch is set to the "automatic" position.

8) The unit starts after receiving the signal of mains voltage loss, confirms the mains voltage loss, cuts the mains switch of the switch cabinet, closes the switch of the switch cabinet, and starts the air inlet and exhaust fan of the machine room.



2. Manual Start

1) When the indoor temperature is lower than 20℃, turn on the electric heater to preheat the machine.

2) Check whether there is any debris that hinders the operation of the body and around it, if any, it should be removed in time.

3) Check the crankcase oil level, fuel tank oil level and radiator water level. If the oil level and water level are lower than the specified value, it should be added to the normal position.

4) Check whether the fuel supply valve and cooling water shut-off valve are in the open position.

5) Check whether the voltage of the battery pack for starting the motor is normal.

6) Check the test button of the power distribution panel, and observe whether each alarm indicator light is turned on and lit.

7) Check whether the switches of the power distribution panel are placed in the open position, and whether the indicators of the meters are at the zero position.

8) Start the intake and exhaust fans.

9) Press the start button of the 12 cylinder 420kw water cooled diesel engine to start it. If the first start fails, you can press the corresponding reset button on the power distribution panel and wait for the alarm to clear and the unit to return to normal before starting the second start. After starting, the machine operation sound is normal, the cooling water pump operation indicator is on and the road instrument indication is normal, the start-up is successful.



3. Manual Operation and Parallel Power Supply

1) The oil temperature, water temperature, and oil pressure of the generator reach normal values and operate normally.

2) The values of the output voltage and frequency of the parallel generator are consistent with the values on the busbar.

3) Put the synchronizer handle of the generator in the "closed" position.

4) Observe the indicator light and pointer of the synchronization indicator.

5) Observe the indicator light of the synchronization indicator. When it is completely extinguished or the pointer rotates to the zero position, it can be turned on and electrically closed.

6) The unit enters into parallel operation, and then turns its synchronizer handle back to the "off" position.

7) If the synchronizer pointer rotates too fast or rotates counterclockwise after the synchronizer is closed, parallel operation is not allowed, otherwise, the closing will be invalid.



4. Inspection and Safety Management During Operation

1) Check the indicating instruments according to the specified time, pay attention to the pressure of the lubricating oil and whether there is any change in the water temperature. The pressure of lubricating oil should not be lower than 150kPa, and the temperature of cooling water should not be higher than 95℃.

2) Check the crankcase oil level, fuel tank oil level, radiator water level, and they should be replenished if they are below the normal position.

3) Diligently observe whether the instruments and alarm indicators of the power distribution panel are normal. When the red light is on, there is a fault, and the green light is the normal operation indicator.

4) Check whether the charger is charging normally.

5) Listen to whether the sound of each part of the machine is normal.

6) Whether the temperature of the outer shell of the hand-moulded body, the outer shell of the bearing part, the oil pipe and the water pipe is normal.

7) Pay attention to whether the new motor 4 stroke water cooled diesel engine or electrical equipment has odor such as burnt.

8) If any fault is found, it should be dealt with immediately. If it is serious, it should be shut down for repair.

9) When the 12 cylinder electric start water cooled diesel engine is shut down, the fault must be eliminated, and then press the repeated grip on the motive group before the unit can operate again.

10) For each operating parameter, record at least twice per shift.

11) Check the oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, frequency, etc. of the control module. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine immediately and check it. After the fault is eliminated, the unit can be restarted again.

12) Check the connection and tightening conditions of the unit, whether there is looseness and severe vibration.

13) Check whether the various protection and monitoring devices of the unit are normal.

14) When the speed reaches 1500r/min and the no-load operation is stable, it can be closed to supply power to the load.

15) When the unit is in operation, it is required to be on duty, and overloading is strictly prohibited.

16) Short-circuit is strictly prohibited when the unit is in operation, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the 1800rpm 660kw high speed water cooled diesel engine.



5. Normal Shutdown and Emergency Shutdown

1) Normal Shutdown

The load must be unloaded before stopping, and it is strictly forbidden to stop with load. Generally, the unit needs to run for 3 to 5 minutes with no load and then stops.


2) Emergency Shutdown

A. When the unit makes abnormal noise or emits smell during start-up or operation, it must be stopped immediately.

B. When the oil pressure of the unit suddenly drops to the limit or there is no oil pressure, it must be stopped immediately.

C. When the water temperature of the unit suddenly rises above the specified value, it must be shut down immediately.

D. During emergency shutdown, press the emergency stop button or push the injection pump stop control handle to the stop position quickly. 

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