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What Are The Requirements For Diesel Engine Generator Rooms?

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What Are The Requirements For Diesel Engine Generator Rooms?

What Are The Requirements For Diesel Engine Generator Rooms?

A 6 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine is a mechanical device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. It is driven by a water turbine, steam turbine, diesel engine, or other power machine. It converts the energy generated by water flow, air flow, fuel combustion or nuclear fission into mechanical energy and transmits it to the generator, and then it is converted by generator to electrical energy. Generators are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, technology and daily life.



1. The Requirements For Diesel Engine Generator Rooms

The size of the equipment room of the self-provided power station should be able to meet the requirements of the unit placed in the machine room, the surrounding area should be greater than 1.5 meters from the wall of the machine room, and the height of the machine room should be greater than 4.5 meters.


In the planning and design of the generator room, the concrete foundation of the unit does not need to be embedded with anchor bolts. The length and width of the foundation should be expanded by about 200mm according to the length and width of the unit. Its thickness is three to four times the cylinder diameter of the 12 cylinder 420kw diesel engine. The pouring height of the foundation is lower than that of the drawings.

The generator room must be tested by the environmental protection department for noise and smoke, and approved for use only after passing the acceptance. In order to reduce the noise of the exhaust of the unit's operation, it is necessary to have sound absorption and sound insulation measures for the architectural design of the machine room.

A certain amount of porous material with sound absorption effect must be infiltrated into the stucco material of the wall surface in the diesel engine generator room, and the inner wall and ceiling can be decorated with soundproofing panels. The diesel engine generator room and the operating room should be separated by partitions. Two layers of glass are excavated on the partition wall as viewing windows. The glass and windows are separated by solid double walls. The door between the soundproof room and the diesel engine generator room should be made of double plywood and filled with elastic porous sound insulation material. The gap between the door, the door frame and the partition wall should be sealed as possible, and the control surface of the new motor 4 stroke diesel engine of the unit should be oriented toward the soundproof room.


The diesel generator set is divided into air-cooled and water-cooled units, which must be distinguished when considering the same wind direction in the machine room. For the ventilation and heat dissipation of the air-cooled unit machine room, the following must be paid attention to: (1) Hot air and exhaust gas cannot form a short circuit in the engine room. The exhaust gas is drawn into the 12 cylinder electric start diesel engine and affects the operation of the unit. The air pipe should avoid multiple turns and use the shortest ventilation pipe to discharge the hot air and exhaust gas. (2) The exhaust pipe is based on the exhaust outlet of the diesel engine. The cross-sectional area of the rear pipe can only be increased, not reduced. (3) The exhaust pipe should be wrapped with asbestos layer, and then wrapped with glass fiber cloth.

For the ventilation and heat dissipation of the water-cooled unit machine room, it should be noted that the layout and facilities of the machine room will lead the hot air to the outside of the machine room. Usually, the door hole or the wall hole and the removable air hood are used to guide the hot air out of the machine room. 

2. The Installation Of The Diesel Engine Generator

The diesel generator set is a high-speed rotating equipment. Before use, it must be properly installed to ensure safe, reliable, economic and reasonable normal operation.


First of all, because the unit is large and heavy, the installation routine must be designed before the unit is installed. At present, in the design of buildings, the generator room is generally set on the ground floor. It is necessary to leave appropriate lifting holes on the first floor. The wall of the generator room is built after the unit is in place.

When hoisting the unit, use a steel wire rope with sufficient strength at the lifting part of the unit. Be careful not to damage the tubing and the meter box on the shaft. Lift the unit according to the technical installation regulations for hoisting, align it with the center line of the foundation and the shock absorber, hang the unit well and rely on the spirit level, and adjust it to the level with the horn. The installation accuracy must meet the vertical and horizontal deviation of no more than 0.1mm per meter, and there should be no gap between the horn and the base to ensure that it is evenly stressed.


1) Installation of diesel engine exhaust pipe, fuel tank and pipeline.

The exhaust pipe and muffler must be fixed reliably, and no shaking or vibration is allowed during the operation of the unit. Exposed exhaust pipes and silencers in the equipment room are wrapped with heat-resistant materials, just like steam pipes, to reduce radiant heat in the equipment room.

The exhaust gas from the 1800rpm 660kw high speed diesel engine is introduced into the brick flue and then discharged, which can achieve good results in noise reduction. In order to solve the problem of reducing the concentration of flue gas and meeting the requirements of environmental protection, a closed spray water tank can be provided between the sections of the exhaust pipe before leaving the room. When the unit is running, the flue gas discharged through the spray tank, the flue gas and water mist are mixed, and the relevant pollutants are precipitated, which greatly reduces the concentration of the flue gas discharged and effectively reduces pollution.


It is forbidden to use galvanized steel as the material for the fuel tank, because metallic zinc will combine with the sulfur in the fuel to form tens of thousands of flake or powder sulfides, blocking the oil filter or fuel injection nozzle.

2) Installation of control panel.

The integrated control panel is installed directly above the generator, and the connection with the generator is equipped with a shock absorber.


The split control panel is best installed in the soundproof operation room to ensure that the electronic components of the control panel are not affected by the vibration and heat of the unit when the unit is running, and the work is reliable. Soundproof doors and windows should be used between the soundproof operation room and the machine room.


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