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What Are the Factors in Choosing High Speed 4 Stroke Diesel Engine for Office Building?

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What Are the Factors in Choosing High Speed 4 Stroke Diesel Engine for Office Building?

What Are the Factors in Choosing High Speed 4 Stroke Diesel Engine for Office Building?

The diesel generator engineering is essential in the office building. At the same time, the corresponding smoke emission and noise vibration attached to the diesel generator project in the office building will also affect the office experience of the building staff. Therefore, according to the design load demand and civil engineering conditions, it is particularly important to select the appropriate brand of diesel generator set. This paper briefly talks about the points for attention in the bidding and procurement of KPV550 high speed diesel engine.  



1. Power Factor and Selection

The purchase of diesel generator is firstly to calculate the required power of the assembling unit based on the power load of the required load. The higher the power is, the higher the price will be.


Before bidding and purchasing, it is necessary to understand the relationship between rated power and backup power. In KPV550 high speed 4 stroke diesel engine, KVA or KW is generally used to express power. KVA is the unit capacity, which is the apparent power. KW is the electric power, which is the effective power. The factor relationship between the two can be understood as 1kVA = 0.8kW. It is recommended that the requirements for design power consumption load be clear before purchasing, and the effective power kW is generally recommended.


There are three power levels of high quality 4 stroke diesel engine, including small diesel generator set, 10 ~ 200kW, medium diesel generator set, 200 ~ 600kW, and large diesel generator set, 600 ~ 2000kW. Generally, large-scale units are applied in new office buildings.



2. Brand and Origin

The diesel generator set project generally includes a complete set of diesel engine, alternator, electronic control equipment, a complete set of fuel delivery system, a complete exhaust system and other installation work.


The cost impact of powerful 4 stroke diesel engine is also mainly concentrated in three main components, diesel engine, alternator, electronic control equipment. The main cost of the whole unit will also be affected by the difference of imported and domestic brands and places of origin. Generally, there are the following situations, imported equipment of the whole machine, domestic assembly of imported equipment and domestic assembly of domestic production.



3. Bidding, Procurement and Contract

Diesel generator is not only a single unit equipment procurement, but also a complete project. In addition to the supply of the unit body, it also includes equipment installation and unit commissioning, and involves a series of ancillary contents such as oil supply, smoke exhaust, environmental protection and vibration reduction. Due to the security requirements, the self use office building project generally adopts imported brand manufacturers. The domestic sales mode of common brand manufacturers is signed by their designated agents and the construction unit.


In addition to the supply of equipment, installation of equipment for commissioning and supporting air inlet and outlet work, the unit also needs to consider the flue emission requirements in the environmental impact assessment. Generally, the design institute can preliminarily design the route of the oil smoke pipeline, and the diesel generator unit will simultaneously design the pipeline layout and silencing device during the quotation process. At the same time, the diesel generator unit shall be responsible for following up the flue gas emission requirements of the local environmental protection department during the environmental protection acceptance of the project. If not, the additional flue gas purification device shall be considered in the contract scope by the diesel generator unit.


High speed 4 stroke diesel engine project is a common mechanical and electrical equipment in the construction and management of office building for self use. It is the key content in the process of unit bidding to define the unit power, select the brand model and clear contract mode. According to the development of self use office building project or the demand of data center construction, focus on the clear demand, so as to purchase the economic and applicable equipment, smoothly implement the single project, and even complete the acceptance of the overall project.






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