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What Are the Requirements for the High Speed 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine in the Boiler Room?

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What Are the Requirements for the High Speed 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine in the Boiler Room?

What Are the Requirements for the High Speed 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine in the Boiler Room?

The boiler room is a complex of boiler and auxiliary equipment and facilities to ensure the normal operation of the boiler. The boiler room belongs to the class D workshop using open fire, and should be an independent building. If it is really necessary to arrange other buildings, strict fire separation shall be carried out with other parts, and necessary fire-fighting and alarm facilities shall be set up. For some boiler rooms with high speed 6 cylinder diesel engine as power drive, there are some strict fire-fighting requirements.



1. Fire Resistance Rating Requirements

The fire resistance rating of the boiler room shall not be lower than grade II. If it is a coal-fired boiler room and the total evaporation capacity of the boiler is not more than 4t/h, the building with grade III fire resistance rating can be adopted.



2. Layout Requirements

The boiler room should be an independent building. The evacuation doors of the boiler room shall be directly connected to the outdoor or emergency exit. The fire partition wall with fire resistance of no less than 2.00h and non combustible floor of 1.50h shall be utilized to separate the boiler room from other parts. When the oil storage room is set in the boiler room, its total storage capacity shall not be more than 1 m3, and the oil storage room shall be separated from the boiler room by a fire partition wall with a fire resistance limit of not less than 3.00h. If it is necessary to set a door on the fire partition wall, the class A fire door shall be adopted. Fire alarm device shall be set. Fire extinguishing facilities suitable for boiler capacity and building scale shall be set up.


For boilers and KP425 6 cylinder diesel engines installed in buildings, their fuel supply pipes shall meet the following requirements.


(1) Automatic and manual cut-off valves shall be set on the pipes before entering the building and in the equipment room.


(2) The oil tank in the oil storage room shall be sealed and provided with a vent pipe leading to the outside. The vent pipe shall be set up with a breathing valve with a back-fire relief valve. The lower part of the oil tank shall be set up with facilities to prevent the oil from flowing away.



3. Fire Fighting Facilities

For buildings equipped with automatic sprinkler system, the KP425 high speed diesel engine room and oil and gas boiler rooms shall also be equipped with automatic sprinkler system accordingly.


The kitchen, boiler room, powerful 6 cylinder diesel engine room, drying workshop, etc. should not be equipped with smoke fire detectors. It is better to select point type heat fire detectors, and select appropriate types of heat fire detectors according to the typical application temperature and maximum application temperature of the place of use. The specific detector type shall be determined according to the actual situation. For the generator room equipped with automatic fire extinguishing system, it is also necessary to consider matching with the fire extinguishing system.



4. Others

The indoor oil tank shall be closed type tank. The oil tank shall be equipped with a vent pipe directly to the outside, and the vent pipe shall be equipped with back-fire relief valve and rainproof facilities. Glass tube type oil level gauge shall not be adopted on the oil tank.


The flash point of diesel in diesel equipment, such as KP425 new motor diesel engine or diesel storage tank which needs to be set in the building, shall not be lower than 60 ℃. For diesel oil with flash point no less than 60 ℃, the fire risk of its storage place is classified as class C.


Whether it is a boiler room powered by diesel engine, or a gas-fired or coal-fired boiler room, the safety issue is always the first issue to be concerned.


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