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What If Powerful 6 Cylinder Diesel Generator Set Vibrate at Idle?

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What If Powerful 6 Cylinder Diesel Generator Set Vibrate at Idle?

What If Powerful 6 Cylinder Diesel Generator Set Vibrate at Idle?

The diesel generator set will lose stability at idle speed after long-term use. If this problem is found, it needs to be taken seriously to avoid other adverse effects, and the inspection and maintenance of the machine should be done well.



1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Idle Speed of Diesel Generator Set

① Performance

When the high quality 6 Cylinder diesel generator set does not have idle speed, generally the engine will stop when the accelerator is at idle speed. When the accelerator is slightly increased, the speed of revolution increases rapidly, and it cannot run stably at low speed.


② Cause

The idle spring of the governor is too soft or broken. The sensor element of the governor is too worn. The plunger of the oil injection pump is seriously worn. The temperature is too low, and the cylinder pressure is too low.


③ Treatment Method

There is no idle speed during cold start, which is generally normal. This is because the temperature is too low and the oil viscosity is too large, which makes the engine internal resistance increase, and the spray and evaporation conditions of diesel oil become worse. As a result, the engine can not maintain the minimum steady speed operation, and when the accelerator is raised, it will soon flameout. In this case, the accelerator can be adjusted to operate slightly higher than idle speed, and the idle operation can be resumed after the engine warms up.


If the new motor 6 Cylinder diesel generator set has been applied for a long time, there is no idling condition, and with insufficient power, abnormal fuel consumption. Generally, it is due to excessive wear of plunger, increased oil leakage at idle speed, so that the oil supply can not meet the requirements of idling condition. Or it is because the cylinder pressure is too low and the injection advance angle is too large or too small, so that the engine combustion conditions are poor. As long as it is dealt with according to the fault of insufficient power, the idling condition will recover naturally.


If the above conditions are normal, consider whether the idle working element of the governor is abnormal. Check whether the governor spring is broken, or the governor element is worn too much or the spring is too soft, so that the centrifugal force of the flyweight at idle speed is far greater than the spring tension to reduce oil. Or due to the improper adjustment of maintenance personnel, it is necessary to remove the fuel injection pump assembly and conduct maintenance and adjustment again on the test bench.



2. The Idle Speed of Generator Set Is Too High

① Performance

The idle speed of the engine is too high, which means that when the accelerator is raised, the engine rotation rate of the 6 Cylinder diesel generator set is still higher than the specified value of idle speed.


② Cause

Improper adjustment of accelerator control lever, too soft accelerator return spring, misadjustment of idle stop or adjusting screw, too hard idle spring or too large pre-tightening force adjustment



③ Treatment Method

Too high idle speed is one of the most easy problems to check and eliminate. First, check whether the accelerator of high quality diesel generator set returns to the minimum position. If not, check the accelerator adjustment and accelerator return situation. Adjust the accelerator cable limit screw. If the accelerator still fails to return, check whether the accelerator return spring is too soft. If it is the fuel injection pump shortly after the maintenance and debugging, whether the idle speed adjustment is correct and whether the pre-tightening force adjustment of the idle spring is too large shall be considered. If the spring has been replaced, check whether the spring is too hard.



3. Unstable Idle Speed

① Performance

The unstable idling of the engine is manifested in the fact that when the engine is running at idling speed, the engine will go fast or slow, or there will be vibration, which will cause the car to shut down when it is decelerating rapidly or shifting gears.


② Cause

There are air in the oil circuit, poor oil supply in the low-pressure oil circuit, improper adjustment of the idle speed stabilization device, poor atomization of the fuel injector, uneven oil supply of the fuel injection pump, excessive wear of the pin shaft and fork head of each connecting rod of the governor.


③ Treatment Method

When the unstable idle speed is diagnosed, it should be analyzed and judged according to the service time of the generator and the maintenance degree of the engine.


First of all, it is necessary to check whether the oil supply of the low-pressure oil circuit is smooth, whether the injected diesel oil meets the requirements, and whether the maintenance of the engine of the powerful 6 cylinder diesel generator set of the vehicle is timely, otherwise, it shall be cleaned, maintained and replaced. If the vehicle stops for a long time or the fuel tank oil is not replenished in time, a small amount of air will seep into the oil circuit, and the exhaust treatment shall be carried out.


If the vehicle has been used for a long time, and the fuel injection pump has been debugged for many times without checking the governor's wear, pay attention to check whether there is excessive wear at the connection of the speed regulating element and the accelerator lever during the debugging. Otherwise, it shall be replaced or repaired by welding.


In a word, it is necessary for us to diagnose the idling problems of the 6 cylinder diesel generator set first, and then to solve the problems correspondingly.

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