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What If the Temperature of Water in the Diesel Engine Get Higher?

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What If the Temperature of Water in the Diesel Engine Get Higher?

What If the Temperature of Water in the Diesel Engine Get Higher?

 When the KP250 high quality water cooled diesel engine is working, the internal temperature of the engine can reach more than 2000 ℃. At this time, if the engine cooling system fails, it will be a major threat to the safe use of the engine.



1. The Water Temperature Is too High

The temperature of cooling water in KP250 high quality diesel engine is too high. That is, the pointer of water meter is usually above 100 ℃, and there is a phenomenon of boiling.



2. Failure Cause Analysis

(1) Insufficient Coolant in the Cooling System

The water level of the cooling water tank was not checked before the diesel engine was started. The leakage of the cooling system seriously led to the loss of coolant, which could not take away the heat generated by the engine parts in time, resulting in high water temperature.


(2) Insufficient Heat Dissipation Area

According to the power and load of high quality water cooled diesel engine, the cooling area of cooling water is matched with diesel engine. However, since most of the cooling liquid of the water-cooled diesel engine comes from water with glycol, there is also the phenomenon of adding tap water into it in summer. In the long-term use process, due to the unqualified quality of the coolant, a large amount of incrustation scale is generated in the cooling pipe, which blocks the cooling pipe and reduces the cooling efficiency.


(3) Pump Failure

If the pin of the fixed impeller of the water pump is broken or loose, result in the pump turning and the impeller not turning, then the pump will stop working, the cooling water will not circulate, and the water temperature will rise.


(4) Thermostat Failure

When the water temperature is higher than the specified temperature, it can not be opened in time for large-scale circulation, resulting in higher and higher water temperature in the engine body.


(5) Fan Failure

If the fan belt slips or falls off, the fan blade is damaged, or the installation angle of the fan blade is not correct, the heat dissipation of the water tank will all be affected, resulting in the high temperature of the whole cooling system.


(6) Too Late Oil Injection Time of Engine

Unburned diesel will cause too high temperature of powerful high quality diesel engine, and the rise of cylinder head temperature will also cause the engine water temperature to overheat.



3. Inspection and Treatment Method

(1) Check the Cooling Water

Check the water level of the cooling water tank and check whether there is leakage in the cooling water pipe and radiator pipe. If there is any problem, deal with it in time.


(2) Check the Cooling Pipe and Coolant

Check whether there is incrustation scale blockage in the cooling pipe. If there is incrustation scale blockage, add DCA filter in the cooling system. It is a container with DCA chemicals, which can soften the water, avoid the formation of scale, and protect the cylinder block, cylinder liner and prevent cavitation phenomenon. Meanwhile, the filter is also equipped with paper filter element, which can play the role of mechanical filtration. Appropriate amount of DCA can also be directly added in the use process. The quality of the coolant should often be checked in the daily maintenance and regular coolant should be applied.


(3) Check the Water Pump

Hold the water pipe connecting the engine with the water pump by hand, step on the accelerator to increase the engine speed. If the water flow increases obviously, it proves that the water pump works normally. If there is no sense, then the pump does not work. At this time, whether the impeller pin of the water pump is broken or loose can be checked.


(4) Check the Thermostat

Check the water inlet pipe of water filling chamber of the water tank. If the engine temperature is higher than the opening temperature of the thermostat, there is no or only a little water flowing out of the water inlet pipe, which proves that it can not be opened normally and large circulation can not be formed, resulting in high water temperature.


(5) Check Fan Belt

If the belt is too loose, it should be adjusted. If the belt shows signs of excessive wear or fracture, it should be replaced in time.


When the water temperature of KP250 high speed diesel engine is too high, it is necessary to check and deal with the specific problems in time.






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