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What are different generator capacity of high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator?

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What are different generator capacity of high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator?

What are different generator capacity of high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator?

The high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator is composed of diesel engine and generator and they are connected by coupling. Its working principle is to use diesel engine to drive three-phase communication generator to supply electric energy. The diesel engine drives the generator to work synchronously at 1500 rpm (when the generator is two pairs of magnetic poles), resulting in 330V / 220V and 50Hz communication power produced by the generator. This part of the communication power can be sent to the generator distribution panel through the power cable. Also, it can be sent to the municipal power and oil turbine conversion panel through the power cable, then to the communication distribution panel and distribute to each load finally. 


As a standby power supply, high quality 6cylinder diesel generator set has its characteristics of stability and adaptability in electrical design. Therefore, the reasonable choice of diesel generator is a test for designers.


How to build a suitable home for diesel generator set? The final destination is naturally determined by the constitution of the powerful 6cylinder diesel engine generator. Too large or too small model will cause unsuitable space or economy. Therefore, the model shall be determined according to the power of them.


1. Scheme design stage

In the scheme design stage, it can be done according to the distribution transformer capacity or area calculation. For example, what size of new staionary 6cylinder diesel engine generator should a 20000 square meter hotel with two 1250kva distribution transformers be equipped with? After simple calculation, the minimum value is taken when the building scale is large and the maximum value is taken when the scale is small.


2. Construction drawing stage

However, it is more difficult to use the following three methods to calculate and then take the maximum value in the construction drawing stage. In the past, it was very painful that the calculation process required a lot of tedious calculations. But now you just need to input the corresponding data in the calculation artifact of the diesel generator.


For example, what size of powerful 12cylinder diesel engines should be used in a 20000 square four-star hotel? Its fire-fighting load is 500kW in total, non-fire-fighting level I load is 350kW in total, and the largest motor is a 37KW spray pump with auto coupling and 80% tap pressure reduction.


Calculation according to the stable load: after sorting out and summing the fire load and the non-fire load (including the special load), select the larger one to input the corresponding data and the result will come out finally.

After calculate and input the corresponding data according to the starting demand of the largest single motor or group motor, the result will come out.

Calculate the generator capacity according to the allowable voltage drop of generator bus when starting the motor.


After comparison, the largest capacity is the capacity of 4 stroke electric starting diesel engine. 


Then the size of the unit can be determined according to the calculated capacity and the sample of related products. You need to determine the size of the generator room according to the relevant regulations.


The last thing to do is to find colleagues from the construction discipline to provide oil storage room, control room, exhaust shaft and smoke exhaust shaft for the generator room.


So far, this 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine belongs to you. You can leave it idle in this corner as long as you control it to start when you need it.

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