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What are the Best Methods to Inspect 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Generator Set?

Views: 95     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-01      Origin: Site

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What are the Best Methods to Inspect 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Generator Set?

What are the Best Methods to Inspect 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Generator Set?

Many maintenance personnel will dismantle the machine directly when repairing the 4 stroke diesel engine generator set, but this may cause damage to the machine. In order to avoid damage to the machine due to improper operation, the following content describes how to correctly maintain the diesel generator set.



Determine the Fault Type of Diesel Generator Before Maintenance

Because some maintenance personnel are not clear about the structure and principle of the high speed diesel engine generator set, and cannot accurately judge the fault of the machine, they directly dismantle the machine, which will cause secondary injury to the machine. Therefore, when the machine is in trouble, we should use professional detection equipment to detect the machine. If there is no detection equipment, we can judge the approximate fault type by some traditional methods, and then combine the structure and working principle of the machine to determine the most likely fault.



Do not Replace Parts Blindly

Because it is relatively difficult to judge the faults of the KPV970 diesel engine generator set, some maintenance personnel directly use the way of replacing parts to repair the machine. In this way, not only the problem can not be solved, but also some normal parts are replaced and the maintenance cost is increased. Some faulty parts can be repaired to restore their performance, such as generator, air compressor, blower, burner, gear oil pump, etc. During maintenance, the cause and position of the fault shall be analyzed and judged carefully according to the fault phenomenon, and blind replacement of parts shall be avoided.



Pay Attention to Check the Fitting Clearance of Parts

In the maintenance process of 12 cylinder diesel engine generator set, there are strict requirements for the fitting clearance between piston and cylinder liner, piston top clearance, valve clearance, brake pad clearance, bearing axial and radial clearance, etc. during the maintenance, these clearances must be measured, and parts that do not meet the clearance requirements shall be adjusted or replaced. In the actual maintenance, blind installation of parts without measuring the fitting clearance may lead to difficult starting of diesel generator, oil leakage, air leakage and other faults. Sometimes, it will even lead to serious mechanical damage accidents due to improper fitting clearance of parts.



Pay Attention to the Installation Direction of Parts

In the maintenance of 450kW diesel engine generator set, there are strict requirements of installation direction of some parts. Only the correct installation can ensure the normal operation of the parts. If the parts are installed reversely, it may lead to parts damage, equipment failure, equipment damage and other accidents. For example, the cylinder liner, unequal valve spring, engine piston, piston ring fan blade, thrust washer, thrust bearing, thrust gasket, oil baffle and other parts of the engine are most easily installed reversely. When these parts are installed reversely, it will often lead to abnormal operation of the equipment, or even more serious accidents. Therefore, when installing the parts, the maintenance personnel must master the structure and installation direction of the parts, and cannot install them blindly.

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