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What are the Solutions for Water Cooled Engine Generator Set Stability?

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What are the Solutions for Water Cooled Engine Generator Set Stability?

What are the Solutions for Water Cooled Engine Generator Set Stability?

With the rapid development of the world economy, people's use of electric energy is in an unprecedented historical period. Although a lot of current electrical equipment rely on the power grid, but its shortcomings also exist. For example, it is impossible to continue to supply power in case of sudden failure, and it is impossible to supply power in places hard to be covered by the municipal power supply grid, such as the sea, desert, etc., so independent power generation equipment such as 6 cylinder diesel engine generator set is needed to provide power. Diesel generator has many advantages, such as large capacity, long power supply time and not affected by power grid fault, so in recent years it is widely used as emergency power and power supply in various fields.



Composition and Working Principle of Diesel Generator Set

The composition of the 400kW 4 stroke diesel engine generator set is not complex. It mainly composed of diesel engine assembly, generator and control system. The diesel engine assembly is the power component of generator set. Its main function is to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy, which is composed of suspension system, cooling system, intake and exhaust system and electrical system. The generator consists of bearing, end cover, stator and rotor. The control system of diesel generator set is relatively precise and complex, which is mainly used for precise control of generator set, pressure regulation and power distribution. 


The working principle of the water cooled engine generator set is as follows: through the kinetic energy supplied by the diesel engine, the stator and rotor in parallel can rotate at high speed and cut the magnetic field line, so as to generate the induced potential, and then generate the induced current, and finally drive the generator to rotate to generate electricity.



Problems in the Stability of Diesel Generator Set

The poor stability of high speed diesel engine generator set is caused by many reasons. The most common reason is that when the load fluctuates greatly, the output torque of diesel engine will not match with the electromagnetic torque of generator immediately, resulting in the fluctuation of speed of diesel engine, and finally the jitter of voltage and frequency. Another common phenomenon is that the capacity of diesel generator set is smaller than that of the power supply system of power grid. In the process of operation, if the reactive power component absorbs a large amount of reactive power from the generator in the process of establishing the magnetic field, it will lead to a large reduction of the power factor and reduce the power quality.



Solutions for the stability of diesel generator set

The stability of powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine generator set means that the speed of diesel engine needs to be stable when the load is constantly changing, which requires adjusting the speed of diesel engine. Effective speed regulation can ensure the stability of the speed by changing the speed and adjusting the fuel supply of the injection pump even when the external load fluctuates or changes greatly. So the best solution for the stability of diesel generator set is to use the governor with excellent performance. 

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