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What are the disassembly of 4 stroke 6 cylinder diesel engine?

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What are the disassembly of 4 stroke 6 cylinder diesel engine?

What are the disassembly of 4 stroke 6 cylinder diesel engine?

Whether it is to maintain or eliminate the faults of high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator, the disassembly preparation plan must be carried out. The following is a detailed description of the various disassembly preparation operations.


1. Understand the technical status


Before maintenance, it is necessary to fully understand the faults, technical conditions and service conditions of the diesel generator. For example, when a high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator burns fuel, the location of the cylinders that burn fuel should be determined in advance. And then check the faulty parts before disassembly and repair.


2. Technical data and site preparation


Before repairing the 4stroke electric starting diesel engine, it is necessary to know the specifications and technical requirements of repairing the diesel generator. The technical standards for maintenance of different types of diesel generators are different.


3. Preparation of tools and equipment


Common tools for dismantling high speed 6cylinder diesel engine include open spanner, spanner, pliers, barrel spanner, adjustable spanner, button spanner, hammer, wooden hammer and hacksaw blade. The special tools mainly include the sleeve for removing the connecting rod screw cylinder and the tools for assembling the piston. The measuring tool has a feeler gauge and a steel rule for adjusting the clearance and an inside micrometer and an outside micrometer for removing the piston ring. Lifting tools include jack, mast, pulley block, etc.


The prepared equipment mainly includes oil barrel, square plate and brush for washing, sandpaper, laboratory label and labor protection products.


4. Disassembly principle


In order to prevent various accidents and ensure smooth disassembly, the following principles shall be followed during disassembly:


Understand and master the structure and working principle of high quality 6cylinder diesel engine and its components.

Maintenance and assembly should be considered.

Do not expand the scope of maintenance at will.

Follow the specified disassembly principle.


5. Safety technical rules


In order to ensure the smooth progress of disassembly work, prevent casualties and reduce damage to tools and rust, you should follow the following technical rules:


Use tools properly.

Prevent accidents and injuries.


6. General technical requirements


It is not difficult to disassemble the high quality 6cylinder diesel engine generator, but some requirements shall be followed:


The double nut can be used to remove the stud.

For rusty nuts, they can be removed before loosening the nuts or they can be removed by heating them evenly with cutting torch.

Special tools are usually used for disassembly.

Marking is an important work for disassembling parts, such as: fuel injector, connecting rod, push rod, tappet, rocker arm, valve, row valve, valve spring, valve locking plate, valve circlip, connecting rod screw, high pressure oil pipe and various washers, etc. must be marked as the position of cylinder on the label. The relative position between the components should also describe the location of the cylinders because the degree of wear of each cylinder is different during the operation of the diesel generator.

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