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What are the light-loaded damage of high quality diesel engine set?

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What are the light-loaded damage of high quality diesel engine set?

what are the light-loaded damage of high quality diesel engine set?

What is the damage caused by light-load of diesel generator set ?

Many users usually think that, the smaller the load, the more beneficial the diesel generator set is. In fact, this is a serious mistake for them,  because the diesel generator will be damaged by long idle or no-load for more than 10 minutes, especially for those high quality diesel engine set, which usually have high work requirements. This is due to the low room temperature so that the fuel can not be completely burned, resulting in the formation of carbon deposits around the injection holes and rings of the injector and causes valve adhesion.


If the engine coolants temperature is below 60°C, the unburned fuel will wash away the oil on the cylinder wall and dilute the oil of crankcase, and then affect the quality of lubricating oil as well as shorten the engines service life. So we should try to shorten the light-loaded time to prevent this situation, especially for the high speed generator set, such as high speed 6 cylinder diesel engine generator set, to remind you of this serious problem, this article is going to talk about some light-loaded damage of high quality diesel engine set.


Five damages of light-load operation of diesel generator set

If the diesel generator is in light-load operation, it will occur a problem that part of the oil running up to the cylinder is involved in combustion while part of the oil can not be completely burned. Therefore carbon deposits are formed at valves, intake ports, tops, rings and so on, and there a portion of it is discharge with gas. In this way, the cylinder liner exhaust channel will gradually accumulate some oil and will also form carbon deposition. For those generator that have more cylinders, like 12 cylinder new diesel engine generator set, this problem should be paid more attention to.


The second damage is the supercharger's in-room lubricating oil will accumulate to a certain extent and thus leak out of the supercharger's junction, it will cause a waste of lubricating oil and increase your spending.


Thirdly, the cylinder sleeve seal will be not good, so that the oil runs

enters the chamber and it will exhaust the blue smoke. You can



Fourthly, for the turbocharged diesel engine like 4 stroke turbocharger diesel engine, the sealing effect of the oil seal of the supercharger is easy to decrease due to light-load, no load and low pressure. The oil will run into the booster chamber and enter the cylinder with the intake gas. Therefor, the service life of the cylinder will decrease and it will influence the daily use of turbocharged diesel engine.


Last but not least, keeping light-load operation for a long time will lead to increased wear of moving parts, and then bring to the consequence of engine deterioration and an early overhaul period. To avoid this disadvantage, it is also a good choice for generator manufacturers to change electrical machinery into other forms of energy, such as water cooled engine generator set

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