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What are the prevention on the overloading bearing brush of 4 cylinder diesel engine generator ?

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What are the prevention on the overloading bearing brush of 4 cylinder diesel engine generator ?

what are the prevention on the overloading bearing brush of 4 cylinder diesel engine generator ?

Now as the use of diesel engines is more and more common, the bearing bushes of diesel generator sets are also widely used, but many workers will find that the generator shaft will sometimes be overloaded during the work process, and it is also accompanied by high temperatures. What is the reason for bearing overload or high temperature operation? How to use high speed diesel engine generator, turbocharge diesel engine and power diesel engine set correctly? Let's take a look below.


Method for processing high temperature of bearing bush of generator set accessories

Before we repair the bearing bush, the first thing we need to do is to carry out a careful maintenance process. Generally speaking, the overload of the motor bearing bush is mainly due to the temperature increase. When an overload occurs, the oil film inside the machine will be destroyed. At this time, the shaft and the metal of the tile surface will come into close contact and high temperature will appear. The troubleshooting at this time mainly follows the following steps:

1. Carefully replace the motor bearing bush.

2. After the position of the bearing bush is adjusted, the position of the coupling of the unit needs to be aligned and adjusted. The adjustment standard is that the end face and the outer circle runout must be controlled within 0.05 mm.

3. Thoroughly clean the motor bearing bush to ensure that there is no residue inside.



Scraping and matching of connecting rod bearing of diesel generator accessories


The purpose of scraping is to make each bearing pad and journal have a good contact surface and normal fit clearance. The method of scraping and matching the new bearing bush and the used old bearing bush is basically the same. The surface alloy of the old bearing shell has been hardened, and the surface may be inlaid with more hard particles impurities, so the old alloy layer on the surface layer should be scraped off when scraping. Usually only the Babbitt alloy bush is scraped, the specific scraping method is as follows:

1. Mount the crankshaft on a special bracket.

2. Apply a thin layer of colored paint to the surface of the connecting rod journal. Assemble the connecting rod on the journal in the correct position and direction, and evenly tighten the connecting rod bolts. The tightness is better to be able to rotate the connecting rod with little resistance.

3. After turning the connecting rod a few times, loosen the bolt, remove the connecting rod, and observe the contact between the bearing pad surface and the journal. If the bearing shell is dyed unevenly and the uneven parts are at both ends, the protruding parts stained with color shall be scraped off.

4. When scraping, usually hold the connecting rod cover or connecting rod with the left hand, and hold the scraper flat with the right hand, using the power of the wrist to make the scraper scrape from the outside to the inside.


Have you learned how to troubleshoot high speed 6 cylinder diesel engine generator and turbocharge diesel engine? Follow us to learn more about different types of diesel engine and diesel engine set.

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