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What are the solutions for five-star hotel diesel engine generator projects?

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What are the solutions for five-star hotel diesel engine generator projects?

what are the solutions for five-star hotel diesel engine generator projects?

With the development of society, economy and tourism, more and more international famous five-star hotels have settled in China. The five-star hotel integrates accommodation, catering, conference and leisure entertainment, which strive to provide safe and comfortable services for customers. As the emergency power supply system of five-star hotel, high quality 6cylinder diesel engine is more and more important in the design of five-star hotel. Taking a five-star hotel designed by the author as an example, this paper discusses the design of diesel generator set.


Project Overview


The project is located in Lize financial and business district, Fengtai District, Beijing. The plane of the main building is like the docking of two trapezoids, the east side is a five-star high-end hotel, the west side is an international Class-A office building and the central connecting body is the hotel lobby and some guest room areas. The total construction area is 130000 m2, including 45000 m2 for the hotel. The building is 80m high and belongs to a class of high-rise public buildings.


Basis of Diesel Generator Set


The powerful 12cylinder diesel engine shall meet the following requirements.


The Code for Design of Hotel Buildings (JGJ 62-2014) stipulates that the fifth level hotel buildings shall be equipped with self-provided power supply and its capacity shall meet the actual operation load demand.

Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings (JGJ 16-2008) stipulates that emergency power supply shall be added for the particularly important load in the first level load.

According to The Classification and Evaluation of Star Rating of Tourist Hotels (GB / T 14308-2010), five-star hotels should have emergency power supply system.

The mechanical and electrical design outline of the hotel management company has the basic requirements for 4stroke turbocharger diesel engine load.


Load Type of Diesel Generator Set


The load of diesel generator set is basically divided into two categories: one is the fire load, the other is the hotel supporting load.


The fire load includes fire alarm equipment, linkage control equipment, fire shutter, fire hydrant booster pump, automatic spray pump, fire pressure stabilizing pump, fire elevator drainage pump, fire elevator, smoke exhaust fan, pressure blower and fire emergency lighting in the fire control center.


The load required to be guaranteed by the hotel management company for the high speed 6 cylinder diesel engine generator includes the following parts: lighting for the corridor of the emergency exit, electricity for the sign board of the emergency exit, lighting in the safety stairs, lighting for the diesel generator room, high and low voltage power transformation and distribution room, emergency lighting for the guest room, important machine room, logistics area, electricity lighting for the computer room, electricity for the air conditioner, telephone room, fire control and all necessary domestic water supply pumps and domestic hot water circulating pumps for heart and customer service center.


The hotel management company requires that in the case of non-fire emergency power failure, the 4stroke electric starting diesel engine will supply power to the new air unit of the hotel lobby, all day dining room and guest room. In case of fire alarm, sufficient power shall be provided to lower all elevators to the first floor and open the elevator door. The oil storage of diesel generator set shall meet the demand of 48h full load operation of generator set.


It should be noted that the load required by the hotel management company for diesel generator set is not bound to be the first level load and the particularly important load among the first level load. The load classification should also refer to the relevant provisions of Code for Design of Hotel Buildings (JGJ 62-2014) and Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings (JGJ 16-2008). Some hotel management companies require that the load guaranteed by 4stroke turbocharger diesel engine can be powered by single circuit, but the power supply of different levels of load shall comply with the current national standard Code for Design of Power Supply and Distribution System (GB 50052-2009).

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