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What are the turbocharged and inter-cooled technology used in 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine?

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What are the turbocharged and inter-cooled technology used in 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine?

What are the turbocharged and inter-cooled technology used in 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine?

The turbocharged and inter-cooled technology is that the fresh air compressed by 4stroke turbocharger diesel engine is cooled by the middle cooler and then flows to the cylinder combustion chamber through the intake manifold and intake valve. Effective intercooling technology can reduce the turbocharging temperature to below 50 ℃, which helps to reduce exhaust emissions and improve fuel economy.


Technical reasons for the emergence of turbocharged and inter-cooled technology


After years of research and application, modern automotive diesel engine has made great achievements in weight, noise, smoke and other aspects by means of electronic control injection, common rail and turbocharged intercooling technology, reaching the level of gasoline engine. Turbocharging can increase the output power of 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine with the same displacement and weight.


Compared with the non- turbocharged diesel engine with the same power, the turbocharged diesel engine is not only small in size, light in weight and high in power, but also has lower cost per unit power. Therefore, turbocharging technology is widely used in 4stroke electric starting diesel engine, which is an important technical means to improve the internal combustion engine.


But things are always contradictory. The increase of air pressure means the increase of air density. In the same way, the increase of air density will inevitably increase the air temperature at the same time, which is the same as the pump heating when the tire is inflated. The outlet temperature of high speed 6cylinder diesel engine will also increase with the increase of pressure. The increase of temperature in turn will limit the increase of air density, so it is necessary to reduce the temperature of the charge air to further increase the air density. According to the experiment, the diesel engine power can be increased by 3% - 5% for every 10 ℃ decrease of the charge air temperature under the same air-fuel ratio. In addition, the increase of air pressure can also reduce the NOx emission and improve the low speed performance of the engine.


Types of intercooling Technology


There are two types of intermediate cooling technology for high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator. One is to use the circulating cooling water of the diesel engine to cool the intercooler and the other is to use the radiator for cooling (external air cooling). When cooling water is used for cooling, it is necessary to add an auxiliary system of independent circulating water to achieve better cooling effect, which has high cost and complicated mechanism. Therefore, air-cooled intercooler is widely used in automotive diesel engines.


Air cooled intercooler uses pipes to connect compressed air to each radiator and then cools the cooling air provided by fans. Air cooled intercooler can be installed in front of or beside the engine water tank. Of course, it's completely feasible if you want to install it in other separate locations. Its corrugated aluminum fins and pipes are similar to the water tank structure of powerful 12cylinder diesel engine and its heat transfer efficiency is high enough to cool the temperature of the air to 50 ℃ to 60 ℃.


For the supercharging system with medium supercharging degree, supercharging and intercooling are almost necessary. In addition, supercharging and intercooling can further increase the intake density. Without increasing the heat load, the power can be increased by 15% - 20%, and the NOx content in the emission can be reduced to improve the environment.


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