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What should you do if the 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine leaks oil?

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What should you do if the 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine leaks oil?

What should you do if the 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine leaks oil?

Diesel engine is the most widely used power element in agricultural application and most agricultural machinery rely on diesel engine to start, but the oil leakage phenomenon is also common. If the 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine has oil leakage, please deal with it according to the following conditions.


Oil return of fuel spray nozzle


The fuel injection nozzle is a precision part. If the 4stroke electric starting diesel engine uses unclean diesel or machine for a long time, the fuel injection nozzle will wear and lead to fuel return. Due to the high cost of replacing the fuel injection nozzle, the oil can be led back to the tank or into the diesel filter through the oil return pipe to avoid leakage. If the oil return pipe is damaged, a section of plastic pipe can be used to introduce the oil into the self-provided container and returned to the oil tank after the oil is filtered.


Oil leakage of oil transportation part


Oil leakage of oil transportation part can be properly treated according to the situation. If the gasket of the hollow screw of the oil pipeline is not smooth, the washer can be removed and smoothed out. If the problem still cannot be solved, a new gasket can be replaced or a thick soft plastic material can be cut into a gasket shape and replaced. The oil leakage at the joint between the plastic oil pipeline and the metal is mostly caused by the hardening or cracking of the plastic oil pipeline. At this time, the hardened part can be cut off and softened with hot water. Then installed on the metal joint and bound with wire. When the metal oil pipeline breaks and leaks oil, it can be welded by copper welding. In addition, in order to prevent the rupture of the oil pipeline, the bending degree should be appropriate and the installation should not be forced. Do not contact with the 4stroke turbocharger diesel engine to avoid abrasion.


Oil leakage of valve cover


When the valve cover is installed, it is easy to deform and leak oil if the tightening force is too large. You can remove the leaking valve cover and hammer it carefully with a wooden stick to make the contact surface smooth. Pad and install the gasket to restore the original.


If you want to avoid the occurrence of oil leakage, maintenance of high speed 6cylinder diesel engine is essential. According to different seasons, the maintenance methods are different.


The powerful 12cylinder diesel engine of heavy truck must be filled with enough coolant before starting the vehicle to avoid water shortage.

It is not allowed to add cold water when the temperature of the engine block is too high to prevent the cylinder block from cracking.

The specified temperature must be maintained when the vehicle is running and cooling water is indispensable to prevent the engine from supercooling or overheating.

Before starting the generator, the oil level should be checked and the oil quantity must reach the scale specified on the oil dipstick.

Maintenance of high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator should strictly follow the operating procedures to avoid unnecessary human damage.

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