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Why Does Powerful 12 Cylinder Diesel Engine Hard to Start?

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Why Does Powerful 12 Cylinder Diesel Engine Hard to Start?

Why Does Powerful 12 Cylinder Diesel Engine Hard to Start?

In order to find out the reasons for the difficulty of powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine starting, it is necessary to know what conditions are needed for diesel engine starting. From the working principle of diesel engine, we can know that the starting of diesel engine must have the following conditions: enough starting speed of crankshaft, enough compression pressure of cylinder, enough fuel and air in combustion chamber. According to the above three aspects, the following content introduces the reasons why the diesel engine is difficult to start. 



Fuel System Fault

The fuel system failure of the 4 stroke electric starting diesel engine is mainly caused by the insufficient fuel supply and the poor performance of fuel injection pump and fuel injector. The fuel tank is short of oil, the switch of the fuel tank is not opened, the filter element of the diesel primary filter or the diesel secondary filter in the fuel tank is blocked by dirt, the vent hole of the fuel tank cover is blocked, and there is air in the oil path to form an air resistance, which will cause the fuel system failure if the fuel supply is interrupted. If the injection pressure of the injector is too low, it will cause poor atomization and difficult start of the diesel engine. The injector should be readjusted or replaced.



Valve Train Failure

The function of the valve train is to open and close the valve on time to ensure that the air enters at the right time and the exhaust gas is discharged on time. If the opening and closing time of the intake and exhaust valves is not correct, it will cause difficulty in starting the water cooled turbocharged diesel engine. The valve clearance is too large or too small, which causes the valve not to close tightly, or the opening is too small, which affects the air intake. When the valve push rod is broken or bent, the diesel will suddenly generate noise and stop working, and then it can't be started again. The reason is usually due to the burr in the inner cavity of the engine body or cylinder head, which will block the valve push rod and break the valve push rod.



Insufficient Cylinder Compression Force

All causes of the cylinder seal is not tight, air leakage fault will cause insufficient cylinder compression force. This will prevent the fuel injected into the cylinder from being compressed, which will make it difficult for the high speed diesel engine set to start.



Other Reasons

In addition to the above reasons, there are also some reasons for the difficulty of 6 stroke 12 cylinder diesel engine starting. The specific reasons are as follows: 1. The air filter is blocked. When the air filter is blocked, the intake air is reduced, which makes it difficult for the diesel engine to start. 2. If the exhaust pipe or muffler are blocked, use flame to burn the muffler, and then tap it gently to remove the carbon inside. 

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