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Why Does The Temperature Of Water In The Water Cooled Diesel Engine Get Higher?

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Why Does The Temperature Of Water In The Water Cooled Diesel Engine Get Higher?

Why Does The Temperature Of Water In The Water Cooled Diesel Engine Get Higher?

The KPV970 high speed diesel engine generator is a small-scale power generation equipment, which refers to a power machine that uses diesel as a fuel and uses a diesel engine as the prime mover to drive the generator to generate electricity. The whole unit is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, battery for starting and control, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components.


The working principle of the 1800rpm water cooled 4 stroke diesel engine is that in the cylinder, the clean air filtered by the air filter is fully mixed with the high-pressure atomized diesel fuel sprayed from the fuel injection nozzle. Under the upward compression of the piston, the volume shrinks and the temperature rises rapidly, reaching to the ignition point of diesel. Then the diesel is ignited, the mixed gas burns violently, the volume expands rapidly, and the piston is pushed down. Each cylinder performs work in a certain order. The thrust acting on the piston becomes a force that pushes the crankshaft through the connecting rod, thereby driving the crankshaft to rotate. If the brushless synchronous alternator is installed coaxially with the diesel generator crankshaft, the rotation of the diesel generator can be used to drive the rotor of the generator. Using the "electromagnetic induction" principle, the generator will output an induced electromotive force through a closed load circuit, and it can generate current.


Excessively high water temperature of the diesel generator set is a common failure of the generator set. When the water temperature is too high, the piston will be stuck and the cylinder will be damaged. It will also cause the viscosity of the lubricating oil to decrease, which affects the dynamic performance of the generator set. To control the water temperature not to be too high, the generator must be used within the allowable value. There are several reasons for the excessively high water temperature in diesel generator sets.



1. The water radiator is blocked.

If Water radiators contain blocking substances, it will cause the water temperature to rise, preventing the heat from being emitted. If the surface of the water radiator is mixed with organic oil, the oil-sludge mixture of engine oil and dust makes the heat more difficult to emit. It should be carefully turned back to its original position with thinner steel. Then use a water gun to clean the radiator. If using hot water and cleaning liquid together, the cleaning effect will be better.



2. The coolant is improper.

If the coolant is selected improperly or insufficiently, it will affect its cooling performance. The operating temperature of the 1800rpm 4 stroke turbocharger diesel engine will be very high. You should add coolant in time or choose appropriate coolant.



3. The cooling water pump fails.

After the failure of the cooling water pump, the flow rate of the cooling liquid is small, and the scale deposit in the water pump is large, which reduces the heat dissipation performance of the generator set and causes the temperature of the diesel engine oil to increase.



4. The generator is under overload operation.

When the 12V 550KW 6 cylinder diesel engine is overloaded, the oil supply will increase, and the heat will continue to rise, exceeding the heat dissipation capacity of the generator set. At the same time, the temperature of the coolant will also rise, which will lead to malfunctions such as black smoke and noise.



5. The thermostat fails.

When the thermostat is turned on at about 85, it means that the thermostat is in good working condition, and it will be fully opened at 105. Its main function is to adjust the size of the cooling system cycle. The thermostat should be properly checked. During the inspection, the thermostat should be disassembled and then suspended in a container with warm water. Then put in a thermometer and slowly heat from the bottom to check the working status of the thermostat. If it can not reach 85 or 105, it means that the thermostat has failed. You should replace the thermostat in time.



In addition, there are problems such as incorrect indication of the thermometer or warning lamp, damage to the cylinder head gasket, improper fuel injection time, etc., resulting in the problem of excessively high water temperature of the high speed 4 stroke diesel engine. It should be resolved in time when it is found. Otherwise it will cause some damage to the generator set.

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