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Why Dummy Load Of Generators Have To Be Checked?

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Why Dummy Load Of Generators Have To Be Checked?

Why Dummy Load Of Generators Have To Be Checked?

Many customers have such a question, that is why the KP206 6 cylinder diesel engine generator should detect the dummy load, next we will answer the question.


The generator is used as an emergency backup power source after a power outage, and most of the time, it is in a standby state. Once a power outage or a mains electricity failure occurs, the backup generator plays a vital role. However, we often find that there is a problem with the performance of the 6 cylinder high speed diesel engine generator after a power failure occurs, which shows that many users do not pay enough attention to the knowledge of AC dummy load for generator detection and maintenance.


In order to effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents, it is important to strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance of generators, establish perfect generator inspection and maintenance procedures, and maintain generators regularly. This article will focus on the technical difficulties that are common in power supply maintenance.



1. Why do we need to carry out AC dummy load for generator inspection and maintenance

1) Detect generator

By detecting the AC dummy load for new stationary 227kw diesel engine generator, the unbalanced load capacity of the diesel generator set can be detected to ensure the steady-state voltage regulation rate, steady-state frequency regulation rate, transient voltage regulation frequency, voltage recovery time, transient frequency adjustment rate, frequency recovery time.


2) Detect UPS

Output voltage imbalance, output voltage regulation accuracy, overload capacity, dynamic voltage transient range, mains battery switching time, backup time, bypass inverter switching time.



2. Main functions of AC dummy load for generator detection and maintenance

1) Query function

Query retrieve abnormal records and detection data of the 660kw high speed diesel engine generator.


2) Online communication

The detector can be connected to the host computer through the RS232/RS485 interface.


3) Intelligent control and data processing functions

A. Data transfer: After the test is completed, the collected data can be transferred to the U disk.

B. Online monitoring of electrical parameters of the equipment under test;

C. Data processing function: The data processing software is used in conjunction with the detector. The detection parameters can be set to analyze and process the various electrical parameters.

D. By setting the parameters of the detection equipment, automatic detection can be realized.


4) Parallel function

Products of the same model can be paralleled. The device is equipped with an RS485 digital parallel interface, which is controlled by the host and records the detection process.


5) Shutdown protection function

The AC dummy load for generator detection and maintenance is based on the common AC dummy load and load box, and an intelligent control system is added to enable protection settings such as phase loss and overvoltage. Once the parameters detected by the equipment exceed the set parameters, the 1800rpm 4 stroke diesel engine generator will sound an audible alarm and automatically shut down to protect.

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