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Why High Speed Diesel Generator Set Can Not Stop?

Views: 36     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-18      Origin: Site

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Why High Speed Diesel Generator Set Can Not Stop?

Why High Speed Diesel Generator Set Can Not Stop?

 In order to let more users know the reason why the high speed diesel generator set can not stop and avoid such failures, let's have a specific understanding of the reasons and solutions for reference.



1. Causes of Failure

The possible reasons for the failure of high speed 4 stroke diesel generator set to stop include the following items.


(1) The powerful 4 stroke diesel generator set is shutdown and the solenoid valve is out of control.


(2) The governor of the diesel engine fails.


(3) It may be operation error. The key switch may be turned off first from the control panel and then the stop button is pressed.


(4) Generator control instrument failure.


(5) If the shutdown solenoid valve of the generator set is out of control, check whether the wiring is correct, and replace the solenoid valve if necessary.



2. How to Maintain and Repair

(1) Check and Maintain the Diesel Generator Set Regularly

Carefully maintain, regularly check and adjust valve clearance, injection oil pressure, oil supply time, etc., and timely eliminate the incrustation scale and dirt of cooling water jacket.


(2) Remove Carbon Deposits in Time

When the diesel engine is running, the high temperature of the relevant parts in the combustion process causes the ash carbon polymer to adhere to the valve, valve seat, fuel injection nozzle, piston top and other places. If it is not cleaned in time, it will increase the fuel consumption and seriously affect the normal operation of Cummins generator.


(3) Regularly Remove Some Minerals or Impurities Deposited at the Bottom of the Tank After Use

If it is not cleaned regularly, it will affect the normal operation of the plunger and the fuel injector, resulting in incorrect fuel supply time, uneven fuel supply, poor fuel atomization and other phenomena, and resulting in the increase of fuel volume.


(4) Maintain a Certain Water Temperature

The cooling water temperature of the engine of KPV1100 4 stroke diesel engine generator set is kept at about 45-65 ℃. If the water temperature is too low, it will cause incomplete combustion of diesel oil and increase the load of the machine itself. The cooling water should not abuse sewage, muddy water or rainwater.


(5) Do Not Overload

Overload operation makes a considerable part of diesel oil turn into black smoke, which does not play its due effective function, increases fuel consumption and shortens the service life of relevant parts.


Last but not least, in the summer, with the temperature rising, the usage frequency of diesel generator set will increase. Do not wait until there is a problem to worry about. Usually a good job should be done in the necessary maintenance of KPV1100 diesel engine generator set, so that the use of diesel generator set will not be in a hurry, and avoid different failures.

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