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Why to Use Diesel Engine as Emergency Power Supply?

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Why to Use Diesel Engine as Emergency Power Supply?

Why to Use Diesel Engine as Emergency Power Supply?

Enterprises that cause huge losses due to power outages include: the three major operators, large data centers, hospitals, banks, petroleum, universities, airports, high-speed, large hotel shopping malls, office buildings. In these places, emergency power supplies are installed at the same time to prevent disasters or other accidents on the basis of two-way city power.


Three backup (emergency) power supplies


Backup (emergency) power supply includes: diesel generator set, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), battery.


The backup power supply is often compared to the heart of the power system. Maintenance management departments at all levels should pay attention to the maintenance and testing of the backup power supply from the perspective of ensuring equipment operation quality, production safety and property safety. A good backup power system is an important force to deal with disasters.


Natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, or excavator operations often damage the power supply lines of the power grid, and it often takes a while to rebuild these lines. In the face of disaster, power interruption means the interruption of information, the interruption of light, and even the interruption of life. At this time, backup power sources such as generators, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), and batteries must support the power beam of the emergency system.


The role of the generator set


All types of generator sets are used as the emergency backup power supply providers after the mains failure, and most of the time the units are in standby state. Once the power fails, the generator set is required to immediately start power supply, otherwise the standby unit will lose its meaning. Practice has proved that strengthening routine maintenance testing is effective to avoid accidents. Many serious faults and accidents are often caused by small maintenance negligence. Only by establishing perfect maintenance procedures and regularly performing maintenance and inspection on the generator set can it play an important role when it is needed.


The purpose of diesel generator set


Diesel generators have the following uses: self-provided power supply, standby power, alternative power supply, mobile power and fire power supply.


Good condition diesel engine generator set is used as an emergency backup power supply after a power failure. Most of the time is in a standby state. Once a power failure or mains failure occurs, the backup diesel generator set plays a vital role. However, we often find problems with the performance of diesel generator sets after a power failure. This shows that many users do not pay enough attention to the knowledge of AC dummy load for the detection and maintenance of old or new diesel engine generator set.


The powerful diesel generator set is used as the user's backup power source and is an important force in responding to natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes. In order to ensure the normal use of the diesel generator set, it is very necessary to debug and accept it before it is put into operation. Only after strict technical acceptance, when the performance indexes of safety, power characteristics, power quality, noise, etc. reach the standard, can the diesel generator set be put into normal use. For the choice of diesel generator power, you can prefer these models: new stationary 227KW four stroke six cylinder water cooled diesel engine generator set and 12 cylinder 420KW power generator diesel engine.


The number of diesel engine cylinders is different, and then the cylinder bore and stroke are different. The appearance of the machine is completely inconsistent. The 12-cylinder is generally arranged in a timely V-shape, and the 6-cylinder L-shape is more. In fact, the fuel consumption is not much different. The fuel consumption of the 12-cylinder depends on the load. You can buy machines with different number of cylinders according to the specific location of the diesel engine. If you are interested in the product, there are two types to be choosed, 6 cylinder high speed 425KW diesel engine and 660KW high speed diesel engine generator set

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