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Will Diesel Engine Run on Kerosene?

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Will Diesel Engine Run on Kerosene?

Will Diesel Engine Run on Kerosene?

Kerosene can not be used in 6 cylinder high speed diesel engine because adding kerosene to diesel engine is harmful.



1. Diesel

Compared with gasoline, it has the characteristics of heavy fraction, low spontaneous combustion point (200-300°C), high viscosity, high relative density, poor evaporation, and safe to use. The main combustion emissions are CH, Cox., NOx., particulate soot PM.


In the process of petroleum distillation, diesel oil can be divided into light diesel (boiling point range 180-370°C) and heavy diesel (boiling point range 350-410°C) according to different boiling points. Light diesel is applied in high-speed diesel engine and heavy diesel oil is applied in medium and low-speed diesel engine. Vehicle diesel engine belongs to high-speed diesel engine.



2. Diesel Engine

KP425 high speed diesel engine adopts compression ignition, also known as compression ignition engine. Compared with gasoline, diesel fuel is easy to be pressurized because of its low ignition point, good spontaneous combustion and poor evaporation.



3. The Basic Reason of the Difference between Diesel Engine and Gasoline Engine

At the beginning of engine development, gas was used as fuel. In the mid-19th century, gas was used for lighting in the major cities in Europe, and gas was an energy source which is easier to be obtained at that time. With the development of petroleum industry, the light oil fuel (gasoline) with high calorific value and strong evaporation appears. At this time, the mixture formation and ignition mode of gasoline engine are strongly affected by gas engine.


In 1893, Diesel proposed to make fuel ignite with high temperature compressed air. Then, in order to overcome the disadvantage of poor evaporation of diesel oil, the gas mixture is formed by the means of injecting gases into the cylinder with air or engine power, which was the embryonic form of diesel engine in the early 20th century. Therefore, according to the history of engine development, the difference of fuel quality is the basic reason for the difference of mixture formation and combustion between gasoline engine and diesel engine.



4. Kerosene Can Not Be Used in Diesel Engine  

Although a small amount of kerosene is allowed to penetrate into the diesel oil at low temperature in order to improve the low-temperature fluidity of diesel, the flash point will be unqualified. Moreover, if the proportion of kerosene is not appropriate, it will do great harm to the powerful high speed diesel engine. Even if kerosene is mixed and applied in the correct proportion for a long time, engine parts will be affected.


When kerosene is mixed with diesel, the main performance of diesel will be reduced, such as ignition, proper evaporation, low temperature fluidity, non corrosive metal, etc., which will accelerate the wear of cylinder, piston and piston ring and seriously lead to cylinder scraping. It is also easy to cause increased carbon scale in combustion chamber, valve, piston, piston ring and other parts.


KP425 high quality 6 cylinder diesel engine has the advantages of low fuel consumption, high energy utilization, high working reliability, good low-speed performance, large torque and wide application range of tools. Therefore, these are the main reasons why diesel engine almost dominates the field of heavy-duty vehicle engine.

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