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Established in the 1990s,Shanghai kaixun engine co., ltd. is a comprehensive internal combustion engine enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of 135 and 138 diesel engines.

Adhering to the philosophy of green development, harmony and win-win "and" China’s professional supplier of high-quality engines, kaixun actively introduces domestic and foreign technologies and insists on self-innovation. At present, kaixun has formed four series of products, including 6 cylinders in line, 12 cylinders in V, 114 series and G series, to meet various supporting demands, with power covering 171kw-1210kw. It also has the" industrial product production license" issued by the general administration of quality inspection and quarantine of the Peoples Republic of China and the environmental protection promotion certificate issued by the state environmental protection bureau, and is integrated into the ISO9001 quality certification system.
The product has been exported to South Korea, Germany, Turkey and other regions for many years, even win the trust of customers all over the world. And in China, sales volume and sales show an increasing trend year by year, increasing by 22.58% from 2018 to 2019. In 2019, the company sold 3800 sets diesel engines, and in 2018, diesel engines are sold 3100 sets.

Quality is the foundation of the success of kaixun people, while innovation is the guarantee that kaixun people continue to walking the forefront of The Times. Shanghai kaixun will continuously infuse the latest scientific and technological achievements into the further transformation of the products, and use the advantages of performance, efficiency and quality to promote the further development of the power generation diesel engine industry in China and even the whole world.

Market Area

  Souht Korea
  Turkey
  Gremany
  Congo
  Pakistan
  Ukraine
  Philippines
  Indonesia
  Vietnam
  Taiwan
  Central Asia
  West Asia

Production Base


Quality Control

Production Flow
01  Clean the machine body, blow water marks, check the smoothness of oil and water channels and parts cleaning, punch the machine body manufacturer's number with steel stamp, rivet label, oil change pump support.

02  Install cylinder liner copper gasket, cylinder liner shoulder, sealing ring, cylinder liner, water head, camshaft, thrust bearing, assembly parts of oil pump drive shaft, with cover plate fitting parts of drive mechanism, camshaft drive gear, oil pump drive gear, clearance.

03   Install bearing outer ring, locking spring, filling crankshaft assembly, filling 12V flywheel housing gasket, flywheel housing, dowel pin, flywheel, body support, vent, vent cover.

04  Install drive gear, timing gear, drive idler gear, thrust plate, oil ring, screw plug, lock, insurance, front cover, frame oil seal, locating pin, sewer pump, belt tray, body support.
05  Install flywheel housing gasket, flywheel housing, locating pin, oil pump, oil suction pipe, oil suction pipe hanger, bottom screw plug, oil pan gasket, oil pan, oil pan iron, body support.
06  Install piston connecting rod set, pointer, calibrate dead centre, check valve phase, body cover plate, ventilation cover plate, large stud, cylinder head positioning sleeve.

 07  Install push rod sleeve, body small cover, water distribution cover and gasket, body intake pipe, starter motor, oil cooler, oil filter, oil pipe, generator bracket, generator, adjusting brace, sewer pump triangular belt.

08  Install cylinder head gaskets, cylinder head assembly components, stud supports, bridge gaskets, flat washers, large nuts, stand-alone lifting rings, fuel injector assembly, air cleaner support.

09  Install axle joint assembly, high-pressure oil pump, diesel filter, high-pressure oil pipe, low-pressure oil pipe, high-pressure oil pipe clamp.

10  Install supercharger, supercharger oil inlet pipe, water supply pump, water supply pump triangular belt, fan base assembly, intake pipe, intake bend, cooling water pipe, monitor (display), oil pipe, cylinder head cover, air vent cover, filter element, oil dipstick.

11  Testing.

12   Painting.
Quality Management

About relevant quality control points

During the installation process, the cylinder liner is higher than the body height, cylinder liner inner diameter, gear clearance, connecting rod screw torque, cylinder head nut torque, connecting rod screw torque, cylinder head nut torque, etc.

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