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how to design diesel engine generator rooms?

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how to design diesel engine generator rooms?

how to design diesel engine generator rooms?

Although the vast majority of people have been exposed to powerful 6cylinder diesel engine, only a few people know the design ideas.


Collect conditions required by design

Meteorological conditions: the rated capacity of the high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator is tested at 40 ℃, so it can be designed according to the rated value as long as the peripheral environment does not exceed 40 ℃ for a long time.

Altitude condition: the increase of altitude will lead to the decrease of power performance of diesel generator set. If the diesel generator is selected in plateau area, overload operation is not recommended.

Water quality conditions: too hard water quality will cause the circulating water in the water-cooling system to deposit scale, reduce the heat conduction effect of the conduction outer wall, reduce the circulating efficiency of the cooling water, cause the unit temperature to rise too fast and even cause accidents. Therefore, the 4stroke turbocharger diesel engine set in hard water area should consider softening the circulating water in advance.

Load capacity: the statistics of equipment capacity shall first meet the requirements of current specifications and the individual requirements of the construction party for the functional characteristics of the project. Then the statistics shall be carried out separately. In the design, it is recommended to select the larger of fire load and important normal load as the rated capacity of 4stroke 6cylinder diesel engine set.


Determine the use type of diesel generator


Common power stationused in normal operation.

Standby power station—used in case of power failure.

Emergency power stationonly used in important operation.


Conduct preliminary design

The first thing to do is to complete the capacity estimation of 4stroke6 cylinder diesel engine. According to the summary of the author's engineering practice, the preliminary design stage can be estimated according to 10% - 15% of the total capacity of the transformer. For example, the total capacity of the 4000 KVA transformer can choose 500 kW diesel generator set. Of course, you can also estimate according to the building area. For example, you can calculate according to 10 ~ 15 W / m2 for buildings above 10000 m2 and you can calculate according to 15 ~ 20 W / m2 for buildings below 10000 m2.


The second step is to complete the schematic diagram of the main line of the high speed 6cylinder diesel engine generator system:


Determine whether the diesel generator adopts single operation or parallel operation.

Determine whether the important load and fire load set up bus section respectively. When different power supply is needed, outlet cabinets of diesel generators shall be set separately to meet the requirements of quickly cutting off important non-fire loads in the fire-fighting state.

The emergency generator power supply switch and the system power supply switch are equipped with mechanical locking.


The last thing to do is to arrange the equipment and complete the preliminary layout of the machine room. See article 6.1.3 of Electrical Design of Civil Buildings for the spacing requirements of unit specific layout.

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